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Venue: Council Chamber - Council Offices, St. Peter's Hill, Grantham. NG31 6PZ. View directions

Contact: Jo Toomey 

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For those Councillors who wish to attend, prayers will be held in the Council Chamber at 1:55pm before the commencement of the meeting. Please be seated by 1:50pm.


Public Open Forum

The public open forum will commence at 2.00 p.m. and the following formal business of the Council will commence at 2.30 p.m. or whenever the public open forum ends, if earlier.


Apologies for Absence


Disclosure of Interests

Members are asked to disclose any interests in matters for consideration at the meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 26 July 2018 pdf icon PDF 227 KB



Communications (including Chairman's Announcements) pdf icon PDF 44 KB



Amendments to the Budget Framework pdf icon PDF 221 KB

Report number CFM473 by the Cabinet Member for Finance.


Please note that the exempt appendix to this report will follow

Additional documents:


Overview and Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Report number LDS294 by the Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Chairmen.


Additional documents:


Leader's Report on Urgent Decisions pdf icon PDF 95 KB

Report number LDS320 of the Leader of the Council.                   (Enclosure)


Meetings of the Cabinet pdf icon PDF 89 KB

Report number LDS321 of the Leader of the Council.                   (Enclosure)

Additional documents:


Members' Open Questions

A 45-minute period in which members may ask questions of the Leader, Cabinet Members, the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and opposition group leaders excluding the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Development Management Committee, Licensing and Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Licensing Committees and Governance and Audit Committee.


Notices of Motion given under Article 4.9:


Councillor Phil Dilks

Following the conviction and jailing last year of 11 members of a fraud and slavery ring centred in Lincolnshire, our local police force revealed they have FIVE further ongoing investigations into modern slavery in our county.


Lincoln Crown Court heard horrific stories of how the gang forced 18 victims into gruelling jobs and squalid living conditions over a long period.


The National Crime Agency stated that the horrific case was


…merely the tip of the iceberg  and there are thousands of people being kept as slaves in the UK – far more than previously thought and affecting all types of communities across every part of the country.


In the spirit of working to do everything within its power to eradicate this and recognising recent changes in the way projects and services may be delivered, the Council now resolves to take the lead in strengthening and building on its existing public statement on Modern Slavery.


Specifically, the Council will take the following actions:


1          Ensure that all those employed to procure goods and services for the Council -including those working for Gravitas Housing Limited, InvestSK, DeliverSK and any other company set up by the Council – are trained through the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply’s (CIPS) online course on Ethical Procurement and Supply to understand modern slavery


2          Require all contractors and private sector partners of Gravitas Housing Limited, InvestSK, DeliverSK, - and any other company or partnership set up by the Council - to comply fully with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, wherever it applies, with contract/partnership termination as a potential sanction for non-compliance.


3          Challenge any abnormally low-cost tenders or offers to work in partnership with the Council - or with companies set up by the Council - to ensure they do not rely on the potential contractor or partner practising modern slavery.


4          Write into agreements and contracts with the Council’s suppliers and potential partners that contracted workers are free to join a trade union and are not to be treated unfairly for belonging to one.


5          Require tendered contractors and partner companies working with the Council - whether directly or through Gravitas Housing Limited, Invest SK, Deliver SK or any other company set up by the Council - to adopt a whistle-blowing policy which enables their staff to blow the whistle on any suspected examples of modern slavery.


6          Publicise the Council’s whistle-blowing system for staff and those working for companies set up by the Council to blow the whistle on any suspected examples of modern slavery.


7          Regularly review all such contractual spending and partnerships to identify any potential issues with modern slavery.


8          Highlight for suppliers to the Council and partners in companies set up by the Council any risks identified concerning modern slavery and refer them to the relevant agencies to be addressed.


9          Refer for investigation via the National Crime Agency’s national referral mechanism any contractor or partner working with the Council or its companies, which may be identified  ...  view the full agenda text for item 11a


Councillor Ashley Baxter

This Council notes the continued and increasing use of ad hoc workshops and briefings to discuss Council policies, programmes and progress.


These meetings take place behind closed doors and, in many cases, they are called at short notice at the direction of Committee Chairs without reference to Committee members or other Councillors.


Therefore the Council recommends:


1.    Councillor briefings and workshops will be held in public unless the content is likely to be exempt under Para 3 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).


2.    Details of time, date, venue and subject area of workshops and briefings will be publicised to all Members, and the wider public, at least two working days before they take place.


3.    Action notes and recommendations from committee workshops will be presented to the next available formal meeting of the relevant committee.