Agenda and minutes

Culture and Visitor Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 14th March, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: River Room, Jubilee life centre, 5 London Rd, Grantham NG31 6EY

Contact: Anita Eckersley 

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    The Committee to be notified of any substitute members.


    The Committee were notified that Councillor Ray Wootten was substituting for Councillor Rachael Cooke.



    The Chairman welcomed Dominic Fieldhouse to the meeting who was the Sports Development Officer, InvestSK.




Disclosure of Interests


Action Notes from the meeting held on 24 January 2019 pdf icon PDF 183 KB


    The notes from the meeting held on 24 January 2019 were noted subject to the addition of the following wording at the top of page 4, bottom of the first paragraph to read, it was noted that a TV monitor would initially be provided at the railway station showing promotional material.


Updates from the previous meeting


    One Members asked about the Bourne CiCLE festival. The CEO InvestSK indicated that it was still on track, concerns had been expressed by the Police and the Highways Authority in relation to road closures but these had been addressed and routes had been amended.  Due to the type of roads being used a rolling road closure would be taking place.  Consultations had taken place with the National Farmers Union due to the time of the year and the rurality of the routes where farm equipment would be on the road and they had given their support for the event.  It was asked that an update report be presented to the next meeting of the Committee.


    > Action Note


    That an update report on the Bourne CiCLE Festival be presented to the next meeting of the Committee.


    A question was asked about the specific targeting of travellers from Germany in relation to the Explorer’s Road. It was stated that research had been undertaken nationally in relation to tourist destinations and had highlighted that the Route 66 idea was popular with German tourists.


    Reference was made to the designer outlet villages in relation to visitors but it was stressed that this was different to the Explorer’s Road type of visitor, although it was confirmed that the Downtown Visitor Point was up and running.


    A question was asked in relation to the KPI’s and Visitor England and the CEO InvestSK indicated that an update could be given to the next meeting.


    > Action Note


    That an update report on KPI’s and Visitor England be presented to the next meeting of the Committee.


    A discussion then followed about leisure centre provision which had been touched on at the last meeting.  Reference was made to the substantial press coverage that had taken place following the Cabinet meeting the previous week in relation to the enhancement of the leisure offer including the proposal for two new leisure centres at Stamford and the Deepings, the refurbishment of Bourne leisure centre and an option appraisal in relation to the leisure offer for Grantham with reference being made to the possibility having a pool back in Grantham town centre.    The CEO InvestSK clarified that InvestSK was not leading on the delivery of the leisure offer.  They were involved with the town centre regeneration aspect.


    Members expressed concern about the proposals, they felt that a lot of investigation work was required in relation to viability, impact etc it was hoped that the Committee would be involved before a final decision was made.  The Committee were notified that the lead officer in relation to the leisure provision was the Strategic Director Growth, Paul Thomas.  Reference was made to pre and post scrutiny of decisions and Members felt very strongly that any proposal needed to come before the Committee before a decision was made.  It was stressed that a lot of work was involved with proposals of this type such as location process, assessments, land ownerships, costs, viability, access, parking and infrastructures such as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 88.


Sports & Physical Activity Development Officer - Programme Priorities pdf icon PDF 248 KB

    Report ISK0013 by the Head of Arts InvestSK.


    The Sports Development Officer introduced himself to the Committee and gave a brief background of his employment to date.  Following on from the January meeting of the Committee, the role of the Sports Development Officer had been reviewed and a number of key priorities for delivery had been identified.    Sport would play a big part as part of the cultural strategy. It was proposed that sports would engage in a series of meetings similar to those delivered by Arts and Heritage, with sport and physical activity being the focus.  The meetings would be held across the district and would concentrate on engaging with groups and individuals outside of the formal sports clubs and organisations.  The meetings would complement those other planned public engagement programmes as part of the wider, longer term  development of South Kesteven District Council’s leisure services.


    A question was asked about the priority in relation to Wellbeing and Mental Health, how had this been identified as part of the programme and what research had been carried out in relation to mental health.  It was stressed this was in the broader sense only.  A discussion then followed on the issue of mental health and people’s interpretation of what that meant.  Some Members were concerned that mental health should be dealt with by professional people, it was an area where raising expectations and not delivering could have negative impacts.  It was felt that perhaps the language and terminology used should perhaps be changed.  It was stressed that the strategy was promoting the benefits of physically activity in relation to mental health, raising people’s awareness of what provision was available.


    One Member felt that the “touch” proposed was too light and that a more comprehensive report was required.


    Further discussion followed about laying the foundations and research needed to inform the strategy in relation to sport.  Examples were given of organisations who engaged positively with people with poor mental wellbeing such as Mindspace who were located in Stamford.  It was recognised that the scope in relation to mental health was large, but it was how the promotion of physical activity could benefit the health and wellbeing of people to improve their mental health.  To engage with other agencies who were engaged within the mental health arena.  Some Members still expressed concern over the use of mental health and people’s perception of the words.   It was suggested that a timeline in relation to the sports aspect of the cultural strategy would be helpful to enable targets to be set.   It was indicated that the timeline would replicate the process already followed in respect of the cultural conversation.


    Members were not against the priorities contained within the report but did not feel that they could endorse them, it was felt the priorities could inform the work undertaken by the Sports Development Officer over the next two year period together with associated programmes of activities.


Cultural Conversation engagement programme update pdf icon PDF 248 KB

    Report ISK0014 by the Head of Arts, InvestSK.


    (8:14pm Councillor Forman left the meeting)


    Members had been circulated with an update report on the Cultural Conversation engagement programme.  The Head of Arts wished to thank Councillor David Taylor and Debbie Wyles, Communication Officer for their work in relation to the on-line questionnaire. He also thanked those Members who had helped during the trial of the questionnaire and confirmed that the questionnaire was still available for completion until 31 May 2019. ( ).  The more feedback received helped to give a better representation across the district.  Cards and button badges (an example of the cards was circulated to Members at the meeting) would provide promotional support for the survey and would be given out as part of the face-to-face activities in the coming weeks.


    The initial Stakeholder/Strategic Partner meetings had been well received and the press coverage had been very positive.  Feedback would be collated as it was received and a summary of the areas discussed would be shared with attendees as well as Members.  Currently a series of short school workshops had been arranged with six schools initially, where creative people would attend and the children would give a short programme at the end of the workshop where parents and teachers could watch and promotion of the survey would take place together with face-to-face conversations.  Where hard to reach groups had been identified, the idea was for us to go to them rather than them coming to us.  A target list of groups had been compiled with potential visits planned to discuss the cultural strategy.  Work was on going to reach as many groups, organisations as possible over the coming weeks.


    It was suggested that any dates of workshops, concerts etc that had been identified be circulated to Members.


    >Action Notes


    Diary dates in relation to the Cultural Conversation be circulated to Members (i.e. workshops, concerts).



    Reference was then made to the celebrating our high street event which was happening at the weekend in the four Market towns on 16 March 2019.These celebratory events would bring music, art and poetry onto the high street.


    Ticket sales for the Deepings Literary Festival currently stood at 48-49% with two months still to go.


    Possible outside healthy projects in Queen Elizabeth Park and Wyndham Park were also discussed where possible “green gyms” could be set up.    Members gave contact details to the Sports Development Officer of organizations who would be interested in helping.



Close of meeting