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Culture and Visitor Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 24th January, 2019 7.00 pm, NEW

Venue: Studio 1, The Guildhall Arts Centre, St Peter's Hill, Grantham. NG31 6PZ

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Action Notes from the meeting held on 15 November 2018 pdf icon PDF 200 KB


Updates from the previous meeting


    The Head of Arts confirmed that the figure of £140,000 noted in the action notes as SKDC match funding on top of the £89,500 Arts Council Funding was correct.


    The CEO InvestSK referred to the Wayfinding Project and the work being undertaken to improve the pedestrian route from the station to the town centre.  Informal consultation was in progress with Lincolnshire County Council in respect of what interventions could be undertaken.  The CEO, InvestSK had travelled the routes from the station to the town centre and noted the condition and street furniture along the way.  Further consideration was being given to the best ways forward that were proportionate to the budget available.  It was noted that a TV monitor would initially be provided. 


    There were no further updates.


Visitor Economy Activities pdf icon PDF 103 KB

    Report of the Cabinet Member for Retail and Visitor Economy.



    The Cabinet Member for Retail and Visitor Economy presented a report that provided the Committee with an outline of the work the Visitor Economy Team (VE) was proposing for the forthcoming year. The aim was to extend the range of foundation activities since the formation of the Visitor Economy Team (VE) in December 2017 and seek the Committee’s views and endorsement on the proposed way forward.


    The Visitor Economy (VE) team had been working to promote the district to both residents and visitors from further afield. Extensive work had been undertaken around delivering a public-facing brand and offer that ran alongside the development of products and services for stakeholders across the district. Reference was made to the major projects that had been completed such as the promotional trailer, branding, a District film, website and a Visitor Guide which had been launched earlier in the month.  Further areas covered last year were the RAF100 campaign, the introduction of district wide VE forums, travel trade shows, the launch of a Membership Scheme for businesses and inclusion in the Visitor Guide and collaborative relationships with surrounding districts. One of the main attractions for this coming year would be the Bourne CiCLE Festival which had been scoped and was launched in November 2018.


    The Committee was invited to seek clarification on events that had taken place last year as well as the proposed forthcoming events that were outlined in more detail in the report.


    Discussion took place on what progress had been made in respect of the advertising at Kings Cross Station and it was noted that the RAF100 Campaign had been advertised at Kings Cross Station and the underground. Reference was made to the good work being undertaken by the Head of  Town Centres who was liaising with the railway companies and underground in respect of enhancing this facility. The Committee was informed that the Budget Proposals for 2019/20 included £25,000 for this particular project which would come out of the overall proposed amount of £800k for InvestSK.


    Members commented that the Walking Festival in the east of the District had good representation and queried what was proposed to enhance uptake in the west of the District and what date the festival would take place.  It was noted that the festival took place in September and the South Kesteven Walking Festival team (SKWF) was working with the VE team to develop further walks around the district.  Focus was particularly around Bourne and the Deepings but the team would also look at other areas.


    The Cabinet Member for Retail and Visitor Economy wished to have noted his gratitude to the Head of Visitor Economy and his team for the work and development of the Visitor Guide that had recently been published.  Work would shortly begin on the 2020/21 visitor guide. The 2019/20 visitor guide had been distributed widely and had received a positive reception with some businesses contacting the team querying why they had not been included.  This was the first year  ...  view the full minutes text for item 80.


Cultural Strategy Engagement - Progress and Consultation pdf icon PDF 129 KB

    Report of The Leader of the Council.

    Additional documents:


    The Leader initially apologised for not being available to attend previous meetings due to clashes with events taking place outside the District.


    Reference was then made to the recent launch of the ‘Big Conversation’ that had taken place at which around 80 people from a diverse range of practitioners had attended and fully engaged with the discussions of an excellent evening. Three more events were scheduled throughout the district.


    The Head of Arts referred to the report that provided the Committee with a progress report on the process for public engagement in respect of the Cultural Strategy.  The report included details of the development and implementation plans for an online questionnaire which would invite residents from across the district to participate in the consultation process.


    Reference was made to the concerns the Committee had at the previous meeting regarding the delay to the timeframe for the delivery of the public engagement element of the Cultural Strategy. The postponement would enable initial work to be carried out with stakeholders, strategic partners, groups and individuals and would focus initially on Arts and Heritage. The work undertaken would provide important contextual background information from delivery partners and creative artists as well as highlight areas that might require further considerations in advance of wider conversations with residents. 


    The following dates had been arranged for the initial Stakeholder/Strategic Partner meetings:


    23 January 2019 – 7pm-9pm – Stamford Arts Centre Ballroom

    29 January 2019 – 7pm-9pm – Grantham Guildhall Arts Centre Ballroom

    31 January 2019 – 7pm-9pm – Bourne Corn Exchange

    12 February 2019 – 7pm-9pm – The Deepings, Oddfellows Hall, Market Deeping


    The revised timetable for the Cultural Strategy would ensure that as much information was gathered to inform the strategy  


    The CEO of InvestSK commented that the meeting that had recently taken place had highlighted fundamental key points such as the provision of arts, heritage and cultural in schools and the involvement of science, technology and maths. Also highlighted was how and where these elements could be experienced especially for residents outside of an educational setting and ways of engaging with older people. Some suggestions had been pop up shops, the use of empty shops within the towns which was an area that InvestSK could work on. Other elements raised were rural isolation, access to transport, transport between venues and how engagement could be undertaken with rural areas. 


    The group were passionate on how they could work together and how they felt the Council could be an enabler and help with practical solutions such as creating a platform like a “Place App” that would share information about events taking place throughout the District and be publically available. 


    The Leader commented that it was evident that the participants at the “Big Conversation” meeting just wanted to provide events and were not expecting the Council to deliver but felt that it was an enabling event.  A key message arising from the event was “A Decade of Adventure” which was an excellent way of summing up the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 81.


Scoping Sports Development Activities pdf icon PDF 114 KB

    Report of The Leader of the Council.


    The Leader referred to the work being undertaken to develop the Cultural Strategy and how the strategy would need to include four key areas, Arts, Heritage, Sports and the Sciences.  With work underway in respect of the consultation of the Cultural Strategy, the paper provided considerations in respect of the scoping of sports development activities within the wider context of the Cultural Strategy as well as a background to the creation of a Sports Development Officer function.  The role would be a 2 year fixed term contact which would be a new function within InvestSK.


    An area that required consideration was the national and local agenda on health, obesity and mental health issues. There was a general acknowledgement of the profound positive effect sporting activities could have on mental health and health in general. One of the aims would be to engage with people across the District who may not currently engage with sporting activities.  It was important to note that the level of engagement across the District had been inconsistent and had lacked overall strategic direction.  The Council’s current contract was with an independent leisure provider who delivered sports and physical activities centred in or around leisure centre facilities. This meant that groups and individuals working outside the leisure centres had no designated officer available to provide communication, support or be a link to wider District engagement.


    In order to create an effective network with regular communication with groups and individuals in relation to sports and physical activity, the appointment of a designated officer had been identified as a priority. The recruitment process had also identified that the Sports Development Officer would need to work collaboratively with local sports clubs and other organisations not only to support and encourage but to also gather external views across this service area to ensure appropriate development of sports and physical activity was provided.  Areas highlighted had been: 


    ·         Provide access to the wider community

    ·         Develop safe, child friendly junior groups

    ·         Liaise with schools to develop greater collaboration and shared skills and resources

    ·         Link services to district-wide initiatives and strategies

    ·         Seek validation through Club mark/quality accreditation


    The Sports Development officer had been recruited so Members were being asked for their views on the scoping of the function in order to ensure maximum effectiveness over the initial length of the contract.


    Discussion took place on whether one Sports Development Officer would be sufficient bearing in mind the size of the District and scope of the work to be covered.  It was noted that the role would initially be to facilitate information gathering through liaising with organisations and interested parties in order to ascertain what was available, current interaction and ways of enhancing provision.  Once this had been gathered, further consideration would be given on how to take this forward and what resources might be required.


    The Committee was informed that the Council would not be in a position to provide different sporting activities, the role had been created to provide a sensitive connection to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 82.


Close of Meeting