Agenda and minutes

Culture and Visitor Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: The Granary, Molecey Mill, Stamford Road, West Deeping. PE6 9JD

Contact: Lucy Bonshor  01476 406120 Email:

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The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the hosts of Molecey House and Mill and the Granary, Graham Magee and Glenn Fuller for allowing the meeting to take place at their premises, these thanks were endorsed by other Members present.


Disclosure of Interests

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    Members are asked to disclose any interests in matters for consideration at the meeting.


    None disclosed.


Action Notes from the meeting held on 4 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 185 KB

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    The action notes from the meeting held on 4 June 2019 were noted.


Updates from the previous meeting

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    The Chairman informed the Committee that Councillor Fellows had asked for an item on Bourne markets to be included on the agenda and this would be included on the agenda for November.  The Committee were informed that Paul Allen, the Head of Town Centres had been on a number of visits across the country visiting markets which had transformed themselves.  A presentation on markets was currently being compiled and this would be discussed at the November meeting.


    The Chairman indicated that the tour and history of the venue would take place after the meeting and therefore the next item on the agenda would be agenda item 8.



Molecey House and Mill and the Granary change of use to wedding, events, civil ceremonies with temporary marquees and associated parking

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    Graham Magee to give a presentation.


    Item withdrawn from the agenda.


Cultural Strategy - consultation feedback

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    Presentation from the Head of Arts.


    The Head of Arts gave an update to the Committee on progress with the Cultural Strategy following the consultation that had taken place through the ‘Big Conversation’ launch in January 2019.


    Themes of the strategy were Arts, Heritage, Sports and Sciences and workshop and dialogue had been held through the arts and heritage side with creative people in these areas.  Following the engagement of a sports development officer engagement from the sports side was looked at in connection with the cultural strategy and incorporated into the survey. 


    1,000 responses were received to the survey with three main focus points;


    - What residents were doing now?

    - What were the barriers to participating in activities?

    - Where work might progress, what were the priorities to work to in relation to activity plans and business planning? 


    Consultation had taken place over three months from 1 March to 31 May with respondents filling in a web based survey form.   Findings from the consultation found that visits to the following were well supported, the cinema, theatre, heritage/museums and listening to music.  Strong responses were received in relation to participating in physical activity especially in relation to walking.


    From speaking to groups participating in the Bourne CiCLE event it was found that physical activity was important and word of mouth to find out about events seemed to prevalent.  The effects of promotion involving technology such as social media were growing and developing constantly.


    The barriers to participating in activities were often beyond outside influence such as work, study commitments and no free time.  Although other barriers included lack of awareness of events taking place, the cost of participation and the times that events/activities were being held.  Questions to be asked were how we might improve on promotion and better signposting to funding sources.  Communication came out strongly and support was shown for sharing events on social media but signposting of events needed to be done in a better way.


    Other areas highlighted were that community engagement should feature in the Cultural Strategy, the standard and availability of facilities, transport, cost of events. There was support for festivals and exhibitions and residents were very appreciative of the events held with a mix of age range across the respondents and across the district, although it was noted that some rural areas were represented more than others.


    The next steps were around the format of the document.  It was proposed to have a document that was simple and easy to read with clear priorities and how these priorities could be delivered.  The question of where the first draft of the document was circulated was asked.  Should it go back to the broader group     of residents involved, should there be a focus group?   Following the Georgian Festival work would continue to dig deeper into the survey responses received.


    In response to the survey results it was suggested that a draft video be compiled, reference was made to the Discover SK video, with residents being asked about what they think  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.


Savoy Cinema Opening - Community Involvement and media coverage

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    Following on from the Cultural Strategy discussion Members discussed the opening of the Savoy Cinema in Grantham.  It was felt that is had been a missed opportunity to maximise community engagement.  A short background was given to the development of the cinema as a joint project between Savoy and the District Council. To date there had been 23,000 visits and it was projected to have 250,000 visits in the first year.  There was a large social media reach with 60,000 hits, it was how this could be built on to maximise what the Council did.


    The Chairman said that the cinema initiative was a really good thing for Grantham with the link through to the town centre and the high street and the beautiful buildings which she thought were undersold.  One Member stated that the opening had clashed with one of the Music in Quiet Places events which she said was well supported.  


    The Deputy Leader said that Savoy had managed the invitations to the event which was why it had not been opened to all Members to attend.  He indicated that if Members wished to tour the new Cinema complex this could be arranged. 


    >Action Note


    That a tour of the new Cinema Complex at Grantham to be arranged for those Members who wished to view the new complex.


    The owners of the cinema were pleased with the attendance at the complex.  Although the A3 units were currently empty there was confidence that these would be filled. Often retailers wished to know footfall figures before locating to a premise and InvestSK were currently marketing the venues and had received a positive response.  The Deputy Leader of the Council informed the Committee that the public realm work would be completed in the next three weeks and there would be an official opening.


    It was felt that the opening of the cinema could have involved more “razzmatazz” and that more advantage should have been taken of opportunities that such an event gave to involve the wider community.




Read Dating - Positive Engagement with Libraries

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    Members to discuss.


    The Head of Arts informed the Committee that this was taking the work undertaken during the Deepings Literary Festival further.  The libraries were a good area to enable this work to happen and maximise the impact of the work that they do.  Conversations had been held with Bourne Library and it was hoped to continue with Stamford Library.  The work had a ripple effect where other groups and communities benefited.


    Each community had their own local authors and “Read Dating” followed the similar principal of speed dating.  A group of people interested in a reading got together with local authors and spent five-ten minutes with each author talking about their work and books.  The concept was hugely successful, costs were minimal and both the authors and the people who attended loved it.


    Other concepts such as a “Pint of Poetry” which take place at Stamford Arts Centre, would also be extended across the District following the success of a similar event held at the Iron Horse in Market Deeping, where poets read out their works live on stage.


    A question was asked about who to contact in relation to organising events such as beer and carols or cider and singing and the Heads of Arts said to contact himself, the Head of Visitor Economy or the Head of Town Centres.


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 75 KB

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    Members to discuss the work programme.


    The Committee were informed that the November meeting would be at Bourne Town Hall at 5pm.  Items for the agenda for this meeting were discussed and the Head of Arts referred to the item on community interaction and how events held at one location such as the Read Dating at Deeping Library can help engage with the public at other locations and access funding available.  He spoke of how Deepings Library had progressed following events that had been held there. He referred to the summer reading scheme at which 162 children had participated reading six books over the summer.   Partnerships working with the Deepings Library and working closely with LCC would with the help of funding for a conservation architect improve the ground floor of the library. More detail would be available at the next meeting.  The experience of the Deepings Library could be used as a learning experience to improve other locations such as the Grantham museum. 


    It was hoped that the location of the February meeting would be the Stamford Arts Centre, however the timing and room availability had yet to be confirmed.  The Head of Arts said that he would confirm at the next meeting.


    Markets would also be on the agenda for the November meeting.  The Chairman informed the Committee that it was hoped that the April meeting would be held at Easton Walled Gardens but this would be confirmed at the next meeting.








Close of meeting

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    Before the meeting closed the Chairman asked the Head of Visitor Economy to give a brief update to Members following the Bourne CiCLE event that had happened that weekend.


    The event had been a huge success with all parties (Highways, Police, Ambulance, Fire) working together.  Wonderful support had been received from District, Ward and Bourne Town Councillors.   The delivery of the event had surpassed everyone’s expectations and the dedicated team had made this first event perfect.  150 volunteers had been involved from a disparate group of people including race professionals, U3A, scouts and cubs.


    Social media had played a large part with the twitter spread topping 300,000.


    A Member from the Committee wished to place on record a big thank you to the Head of Visitor Economy and his team from himself as both a District and Bourne Town Councillor, another District and Bourne Town Councillor indicated that everyone wanted the event to be repeated.


    A thank you was also made to the sponsors of the event.  An impact assessment and summary would be available in due course.   


    Meeting closed at 8.13pm.