Agenda item

Application Ref: S17/1378
Description: Change of use of paddock and hardstanding to travellers site for 2 static caravans with additional screening
Location: Land between nos. 2 and 3 Harrowby Lane, Harrowby, Grantham, NG31 9HB




To grant the application subject to conditions


Noting comments made during the public speaking session by:


District Councillor

Councillor George Chivers

Parish Council

Peter Armstrong


John Bradley

Applicant’s Agent

Mike Hardy


Together with:


·         Comments and concerns from Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without Parish Council

·         No objection from Lincolnshire County Council Highways and SUDS Support

·         No objection from SKDC’s Environmental Protection Team

·         Comments from Minerals and Waste Planning at Lincolnshire County Council

·         16 representations received as a result of public consultation

·         Provisions within the National Planning Policy Framework and the South Kesteven Core Strategy and supplementary planning documents

·         Site visit observations

·         Comments made by members at the meeting


In discussing the application some members expressed concerns about the site occupants’ access to amenities. It was proposed and seconded that the application be refused contrary to officer recommendations because the application site was not accessible to shops, schools and health facilities and did not, therefore, comply with policy H4 of the Council’s Core Strategy. This was challenged by a member who maintained that access to those facilities was available within walking distance of the site (approximately 0.7 miles).


The Service Manager, Development Management and Implementation stated that she was not able to accept the reasons for refusal as defensible planning reasons. As the proposition to refuse the application was contrary to officer recommendations and the Service Manager, Development Management and Implementation did not consider the proposed reasons for refusal were sufficient, the cooling off period set out in Article 9.1.9 (c) of the Council’s Constitution was invoked. In accordance with the Constitution, a recorded vote was taken:





Councillor Mrs Kaberry-Brown

Councillor Reid

Councillor Robins

Councillor Stokes

Councillor Baxter

Councillor Morgan

Councillor Jacky Smith

Councillor Judy Smith

Councillor Stevens

Councillor Brenda Sumner

Councillor Brian Sumner

Councillor Trollope-Bellew

Councillor Wilkins

Councillor King





The proposition was lost.


A new proposition was made and seconded that the application be approved for the summary of reasons set out in the case officer’s report and subject also to the following conditions:


Time Limit for Commencement


 1    The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.


Approved Plans


 2    The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following list of approved plans:


i.    Drawing Number: 137381/1/GM1 Site Location Plan received on 19th September 2017

ii.   Drawing Number: 137381/2/GM2 Site Layout Plan received on 19th September 2017


       Unless otherwise required by another condition of this permission.


Before the Development is Commenced


 3    Prior to commencement of development schemes for (a) to (c) below (hereafter referred to as the Site Development Scheme) shall have been submitted for the written approval of the local planning authority and the said schemes shall include a timetable for their implementation:


(a)       the means of foul and surface water drainage of the site

(b)       proposed and existing external lighting on the boundary of and within the site, including means of orientating and shielding the lighting so that it does not illuminate areas outside the site

(c)       details of tree, hedge and shrub planting, including details of species, plant size, proposed numbers and densities


       The whole of the approved Site Development Scheme shall have been carried out and completed in accordance with the approved details and timetable.


Ongoing Conditions


 4    There shall be no more than 4 touring caravans, as defined by the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and the Caravan Sites Act 1968, stored on the site as shown on the site layout plan, of which none shall be occupied for residential purposes.


 5    There shall be no more than 2 pitches on the site as shown on the site layout plan. No more than 1 static caravan, as defined by the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and the Caravan Sites Act 1968, shall be stationed at any one time on each pitch.


 6    The landscaping scheme required by 3(i)(c) above shall include a schedule of maintenance for a period of 5 years of the proposed planting, commencing at the completion of the final phase of implementation as required by that condition. The schedule shall make provision for the replacement, in the same position, of any tree, hedge or shrub that is removed, uprooted or destroyed or dies or, in the opinion of the local planning authority, becomes seriously damaged or defective, with another of the same species and size as that originally planted. The maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.


 7    No commercial activities shall take place on the land, including the storage of materials.


 8    No vehicle over 3.5 tonnes shall be stationed, parked or stored on this site.


 9    The site shall not be occupied by any persons other than gypsies and travellers as defined in the Planning Policy for Travellers’ Sites 2015, annex 1.

Supporting documents: