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Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring

Report PPM007 of The Deputy Leader, Councillor Kelham Cooke, regarding Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring



The Chairman explained that this item was in fact the Performance Monitoring Report that had gone before the last Cabinet. It was not the Financial Outturn report.  It was noted that the previous Scrutiny Committee had received these performance reports and that Members might wish to consider whether elements of the report should go to Growth OSC.  The Financial Outturn Report was going before the Governance and Audit Committee on 21 June 2018 and Members requested a copy of the report. 


Members discussed the financial outturn and the Quarter 3 proposed forecasted overspend of £638k; that the new overspend forecast for the financial year end would be less mainly due to underspends in some areas and why the Performance Monitoring Report went to Cabinet prior to Overview and Scrutiny.


In respect of the Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring Report areas discussed were:


The quality of skills available and attained by apprentices working for SKDC –There were a range of attainment levels and work was ongoing to develop the range of qualifications available.


The number of apprentices within the Council and whether these were apprentices or trainees – It was noted that during the last 12 months there had been 14 apprentices, 2 now had full time permanent roles within the Council but the remainder had left for positions outside the Council.  The skills agenda was being reviewed with consideration being given to higher skilled apprenticeships in order to help the Council grow and set the bench mark in the District for quality apprenticeships.  There were trainees within the Council mainly in the accounting and legal areas.


In respect of manual apprenticeships there were certain standards/regulations required to enable employment in manual areas such as electrical, plumbing and gas engineer roles. Work was ongoing with HR in respect of looking at the potential to increase the number of apprenticeships in various areas of the Council, from waste management to accounting.  The aim was to provide a high standard and lead by example within the District and ensure that young people were provided with the best opportunities to attain the highest standard of qualifications in order for them to attain full time employment. Work was also being undertaken to look at apprentices with degrees.


Whether the Council stipulated that apprentices should be included within the workforce of potential contractors such as the contractors for the St Peter’s Hill development – It was noted that contracts did stipulate that apprentices and local people should be included in workforces. 


The lack of detail behind the KPIs within the report and the importance of KPIs being able to help identify why and what was happening within the Council and  whether the Growth OSC should be monitoring KPIs for growth and investment within the District – It was noted that the report was based on the previous Corporate Strategy.  A New Corporate Strategy was now in place and would have more appropriate KPIs.


The Chairman commented that Growth OSC would be scrutinising and commenting on a number of areas from Budgets to the Local Plan.


A Member commented that a recent tweet had noted that fly-tipping had reduced by 24% but there was no previous data to compare this with – It was noted that the information would be available through the Performance and Programme Team.


Discussion ensued around the Corporate Strategy and whether more detail in respect of how it would work could be provided to Members.  A briefing had been given on the framework of the Corporate Strategy but the Committee felt they needed to see more detail in order for them to understand what to consider when monitoring the progress and impact of the new strategy.


Action Points:


·             That the Committee Members are provided with a copy of the Q4 Financial Outturn Report.


·             That Committee Members are provided with more detail behind the Corporate Strategy in respect of how it was going to work as well as an indication of what KPIs would be used.


The report was noted.

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