Agenda item

Deepings Literary Festival

The Head of Arts to update the Committee on the festival.


The Committee were informed that this was the second Deepings Literary Festival which ran between the 23 and 26 May 2019.  The launch had taken place on 22 May at the Library and had been well attended.  The days had been long and hard with ticket sales over 1200.  Twenty authors had attended over 12 venues.  The event had happened with a great deal of goodwill and had been driven by the local people of the Deepings.    The Head of Arts had been pleased to support the event and local businesses had sponsored the event with windows being dressed and leaflets about the events distributed.  The event was an example of linking the community together.  A de-brief would be held on 20 June at which improvements to the event would be discussed to ensure continuity of the brand going forward.


The Leader of the Council stated that he had heard good things about the festival and how the community had worked together, it was how this could be replicated and developed to take literature throughout the district.  It was a core part of arts development.  The next step was how this could be built on, what innovative ways could be used to replicate community involvement elsewhere in the district.


Reference was made to storytelling and how this could be developed throughout the district.  The Head of Arts referred to the legacy left from the Literary Festival and informed the Committee of the creative writing event that was happening in September and discussions for a poetry event happening in the autumn or in January next year.  It was proposed that an event would happen during each season of the year to keep momentum and the Deepings Literary Festival brand alive. 


Visitors to the Literary Festival had come from all over the district as well as from Rutland, Lincoln, the Wirral, London and Surrey.


The Chairman referred to the story telling that happened in the Deepings library every Wednesday for preschool children.  The story tellers had gone into primary schools during the festival to engage with the older children.   The Leader of the Council referred to the links between schools, libraries, communities and literature and literacy, how can these be developed to take to the wider district.


A short discussion then followed with references being made to other events taking place in villages and how these had been helped either through advice or with small monetary contributions. It was how help could be given to the communities to develop the infrastructure to build capacity, there was the potential for so much more to be done given the right resource to facilitate it. Digital platforms were then discussed and how they could be used to help organisations work together to facilitate events both from a materials basis such as stages to issues such as risk insurance which for small events could be very expensive.   Due to the scale of the Gravity Fields Festival it was unlikely that this would be undertaken by the community and would continue to be a council event.  It was looking at who would be best placed and how communities could be helped to enable events to be undertaken.