Agenda item

Application S19/1056

Proposal:                 Reserved matters (layout, appearance, scale and landscaping)    pursuant to S14/3571


Location:                 Land south of Barrowby Road, Grantham


Recommendation:   That the application is approved conditionally


Proposal:     Reserved matters (layout, appearance, scale and landscaping) pursuant to S14/3571


Location:      Land south of Barrowby Road, Grantham


Decision:      To approve the application subject to conditions


Noting comments made during the public speaking session by:



Lawrence Shilcock

Ian Pick

Applicant’s Agent

Olivia Hoare


Together with:


·         Comments of SKDC’s Environmental Protection Services

·         No objection from Highways England

·         Comments of the Lincolnshire County Council Footpaths Officer

·         No objection from Lincolnshire County Council Highways and SUDS Support

·         Comments of SKDC’s Urban Designer

·         Comments of the SKDC Affordable Housing Officer

·         Representations received as a result of public consultation

·         Provisions within the National Planning Policy Framework and the South Kesteven Core Strategy and supplementary planning documents

·         Site visit observations

·         Comments made by members at the meeting


A proposition was made to defer the application to ask the applicant to reconsider putting bungalows along the boundary with properties on Gloucester Road and Wells Close, and to seek reassurance from Lincolnshire County Council’s highways team that measures were being considered to improve traffic arrangements on the A52. Members were advised that officers considered the separation distances between the proposed development and the existing properties were sufficient to make it unreasonable to require the applicant to change the proposed buildings. Members were also advised that matters of access were determined when the outline application was considered. On being put to the vote, the proposition was lost.


Members of the committee expressed some concern about the single access point and the impact of this and other proposed developments on the volume of traffic on the A52. Reassurance was given that infrastructure had been considered as part of the preparation of the Local Plan and Members hoped that, should the development be approved, it would act as a catalyst for Lincolnshire County Council to commence improvements. The Chairman, as a member of Lincolnshire County Council, said that he would take the points raised, including suggestions about the installation of traffic lights, to Lincolnshire County Council Highways.


It was then proposed, seconded and agreed that the application be approved for the summary of reasons set out in the case officer’s report and subject also to the following conditions:


Approved Plans


1          The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following list of approved plans:


i.                  Planning Layout Whole Site drawing no. BRG-PL01-1-C

ii.                Planning Layout Northern Half drawing no. BRG-PL01-2-C

iii.               Planning Layout Southern Half drawing no. BRG-PL01-3-C

iv.               Cross Sections drawing no. BRG-CS01-1-A

v.                Landscaping Plots 1-9 & 292-300 19.1441.010B

vi.               Landscaping Plots 10-35 drawing no. 19.1441.011B

vii.              Landscaping Plots 36-49 & 59-73 drawing no. 19.1441.012B

viii.             Landscaping Plots 50-58 & 141-149 drawing no. 19.1441.013B

ix.               Landscaping Plots 74-85 drawing no. 19.1441.014B

x.                Landscaping Plots 86-121 drawing no. 19.1441.015B

xi.               Landscaping Plots 122-140 drawing no. 19.1441.16B

xii.              Landscaping Plots 150-158 & 166-174 drawing no. 19.1441.17B

xiii.             Landscaping Plots 159-161, 206-225 & 262-263 drawing no. 19.1441.18B

xiv.            Landscaping Plots 162-165 & 175-205 drawing no. 19.1441.19B 

xv.              Landscaping Plots 226-237, 255-261 & 264-267 drawing no. 19.1441.20B 

xvi.            Landscaping Plots 238-254 & 268-276 drawing no. 19.1441.021B

xvii.           Landscaping Plots 277-291 drawing no. 19.1441.022B

xviii.          Landscaping Open Space drawing no. 19.1441.023B

xix.            Materials Distribution Plan Whole Site drawing no. BRG- MD-01-1-A

xx.              Materials Distribution Plan Northern Half drawing no. BRG - MD-01-2-A

xxi.            Materials Distribution Plan Southern Half drawing no. BRG-MD-01-3-A

xxii.           Footpath & Cycle Routes drawing no. BRG-FCL-01-1

xxiii.          Housing Tenure drawing no. BRG-HT-01-1-A

xxiv.          Noise Impact Assessment & Mitigation Report ref: AC107891 - 1R1

xxv.           The Ashop drawing no. ASHO-01

xxvi.          Blackthorn drawing no. BLACKTHORN Rev C

xxvii.        The Blyth drawing no. BLTH-01

xxviii.       The Bowmont FCT drawing no. BWNT-01-FCT

xxix.          Cedar Rev C drawing no. CEDAR

xxx.           Chestnut Rev C drawing no. CHESTNUT

xxxi.          The Dunham drawing no. DUNH-01

xxxii.        The Foss FCT drawing no. FOSS-01

xxxiii.       The Foss drawing no. FOSS-01

xxxiv.       Ivy drawing no. IVY Rev C

xxxv.        The Longford drawing no. LONG-01

xxxvi.       Maple Rev C drawing no. MAPLE

xxxvii.      The New Ashbourne drawing no. NEWASH-01

xxxviii.     The New Stamford drawing no. NSTAM-01

xxxix.       New Walton drawing no. NWALT-01

xl.               The Oakham drawing no. OAK-01

xli.              Sales Garage drawing no. SALES GA-01

xlii.             Shared Garage drawing no. SINGLE GARAGE T1

xliii.           The Stratford FCT drawing no. STRAT FCT-01

xliv.           The Stratford drawing no. STRAT-01

xlv.            The Lymington drawing no. LYMI-01


Unless otherwise required by another condition of this permission.


During Building Works


2       Before any development above DPC, final details of the equipped play areas and any associated land grading/ landscaping must be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for written approval.


           The development must be carried out in accordance with the approved details before occupation of the 200th dwelling.


3        Notwithstanding the submitted details, before the works to provide the boundary treatments hereby permitted are commenced, a plan indicating the heights, positions, design, materials and type of boundary treatment to be erected shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


Before the development is occupied


4       Before each dwelling is occupied, the noise mitigation measures must have been carried out in accordance with the recommendations in the REC Noise Impact Assessment ref: AC107891-1R1 received 2 September 2019.


5        Before the end of the first planting/seeding season following the first occupation of each phase of the development hereby permitted, the soft landscape works for that phase shall have been carried out in accordance with the approved soft landscaping details


6        Before each dwelling is occupied, the works to provide the boundary treatments for that dwelling shall have been completed in accordance with the approved boundary treatment scheme.


7        Within a period of five years from the first occupation of the final dwelling of the development hereby permitted, any trees or plants provided as part of the approved soft landscaping scheme, that die or become, in the opinion of the Local Planning Authority, seriously damaged or defective, shall be replaced in the first planting season following any such loss with a specimen of the same size and species as was approved in condition 1 above unless otherwise agreed by the Local Planning Authority.


11:50am to 12 noon – the meeting adjourned

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