Agenda item

Items raised by Cabinet Members including reports on Key and Non Key Decisions taken under Delegated Powers.


(1)  Councillor Ray Auger: Portfolio - Environment


Reference Minute CO81: Car Parking Non Charging Policy


Having considered the issues raised under minute CO81 at the meeting held on 6th December 2004, Councillor Auger’s decision is:


(1)  to declare Godsey Lane, Market Deeping and West Road, Billingborough surplus to requirements as Council operated car parks and proceed to market these sites for disposal, subject to restrictive covenants to retain as car parks;


(2)  to retain the car park site at Halfleet.



Reason for Decision:


In addressing the comments from the Environment DSP, I am satisfied that these have been addressed by advice given by Legal Services that the use as car parks can be retained by the use of restrictive covenants.


Non Key Decision:


Decision: To approve the appointment of Capita Symonds Ltd., Consulting Engineers of Leeds as consultants to carry out detailed investigations, contract procurement and full site supervision in connection with improvement works required at Wharf Road car park, Stamford for the sum of £52,562.


[Decision made 10.01.05]


(2)  Councillor Terl Bryant: Portfolio – Community Affairs


Decision:   To accept the lowest quotation submitted by Scott Wilson Consulting Engineers in the sum of £14,300 for the investigation and design of canal bank repair works to the section of Grantham canal owned by the District Council.


[Decision made 04.01.05]


(3)  Councillor John Smith: Portfolio - Economic


Decision: To approve the proposed amendments to the existing boundary of the Market Deeping Conservation Area and to approve the Conservation Area Appraisal as a position statement with a view to its ultimate adoption as a supplementary planning document.


[Decision made 10.01.05]


Decision: To continue the District Council’s participation in the project to purchase and refurbish Thurlby Youth Hostel with Lincolnshire County Council on the basis of a maximum contribution of £125,000 (inclusive of all project design and management costs incurred by SKDC) and subject to the following conditions:


            a)         SKDC contribution to be in the form of a single grant payable to Lincolnshire County Council on completion of the purchase from YHA and subject to conclusion of the purchase by 31 March 2005;

            b)         SKDC to have no ongoing joint ownership and, therefore, no ongoing liability or responsibility for the Youth Hostel;

            c)         SKDC Property Services to cease further work on the project and to transfer all responsibility to Lincolnshire County Council for the design, management and procurement of refurbishment works.

[Decision made 04.01.05]


The above decision has since be the subject of a call-in.


(4)  Councillor Mrs Frances Cartwright: Portfolio - Cultural




(1)                     Subject to a site visit with the Council’s Amenities Manager to ensure the protection of the existing tree stock, to approve the request by the Wyndham Park Bowls Club for an extension of land allocated for their use to accommodate a new meeting room/catering outlet for the club;

(2)                     To not accede to the Club’s request that the Council waives both planning and legal internal fees associated with transfer of the land/planning consent etc. and also provides financial assistance with the construction of the new pavilion.


[Decision made 20.12.04]


(5)  Councillor Mrs Linda Neal: Leader


Decision: To award a 25% District Council Recreation grant of £646 to the Castle Bytham Village Hall Committee to support its re-roofing project.

[Decision made 04.01.05]





Decisions as made on 10th January 2005 can be implemented on 19th January 2005 unless subject to call-in by the relevant Development and Scrutiny Panel.