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The Aveland History Group - funding

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Culture & Visitor Economy

Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


To seek approval to allocate up to £10,000 from the Council’s festival budget to support The Aveland History Group – An Aveland Odyssey – Folkingham Georgian Festival 17 – 18 September 2022.


That approval is granted for a one-off allocation of up to £10,000 to The Aveland History Group to support An Aveland Odyssey – Folkingham Georgian Festival 17 to 18 September 2022 to be funded from the festival budget, subject to the signing of the South Kesteven District Council Grant Agreement.

Reasons for the decision:

Supporting a grass roots heritage festival aligns with the Corporate Plan ambitions.  The Council’s approach to festivals and programming is set for review and consideration by Members later. Consequently, at the time of writing this non-key decision, there are no Council-run festivals planned for 2022.  It is for this reason that not considering this one-off request has been discounted.


Other Council funding pots have been explored and discounted, such as the SK Community Awards Grants Scheme. In the event the contribution is not in place, there will be a significant funding shortfall which could result in the 2022 Georgian Folkingham Festival not proceeding.  Therefore, the contribution is crucial to the 2022 Georgian Folkingham Festival being delivered to the local community.


Alternative options considered:

A key action contained within the Corporate Plan (2020-2023) is to celebrate and enhance the rich history of the district. To support the delivery of this action, the Council works with local groups to help them create sustainable events which are made accessible to residents.


One such local group is the Aveland History Group


Founded in February 2020, the Aveland History Group gives a broad geographic base to a community group with a passion for local history. The Aveland History Group covers 32 villages on either side of the A15 and the town of the ancient Aveland Wapentake, from Bourne in the south to Osbournby in the north of the district.


The Aveland History Group seek to bring history to life in engaging and often hands on fun activities, aiming to fire the imagination of young people, as well as breaking down barriers of rural isolation that may affect older neighbours. Importance is placed on increasing the profile of Lincolnshire history within the historical community and linking out to spark interest from other history groups.


Through talks on local aspects of history, the Aveland History Group have spin off workshops and demonstrations of skills known to our ancestors and still in use today. There are more than 187 members on the Aveland History Group’s Facebook page, along with a 100 strong mailing list of email addresses.


The Aveland History Group are currently working on a five-year plan titled “An Aveland Odyssey – Cruise through History Heritage Festivals”. This includes five locations as follows:


·       2022 Folkingham

·       2023 Threekingham

·       2024 Folkingham Airfield

·       2025 Dyke

·       2026 Bourne

The Aveland History Group aim to create a sustainable business place for an annual heritage festival that can tour the Wapentake for many years to come.


The Aveland History Group’s first imperative is to get the Festivals embedded in the area as a yearly event and to grow attendance year-on-year which is why they are projecting the five year plan as a free entry event. It is felt that by holding the festival in different locations, will allow a wider section of people in the area to get involved, thereby increasing recognition and driving up visitor numbers.


Additionally, by moving the location, reduces burden on the same people in the same village. By shifting the period each year, this would prevent the chance of competing with either the Stamford Georgian Festival or Holbeach Medieval Festival (which have previously taken place over the same period). Crucially, by linking with Heritage Open Days and Lincolnshire Heritage, should drive visitors and covers public liability for the Group.


The wealth of history across the district presents an unlimited reserve to draw on: The Drainage of the Fens, the Abbey at Sempringham, Knights Templar at Aslackby, Iron Age at Dowsby –the list goes on.


The one-day festival in 2021 attracted 600+ people at an out-turn cost of just less than £3,000. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and The Aveland History Group benefitted from very generous sponsors giving time, equipment and money.


The costings for 2022 are based on a wider offering over a longer period and are fully costed. It is considered that a budget of £10,000 per festival should allow the plans to be put into effect.


An Aveland Odyssey – Folkingham Georgian Festival 2022, which is the subject of this non-key decision, is set to take place on 17 and 18 September 2022. A request of a one-off contribution of £10,000 towards this Festival has been made to South Kesteven District Council. The illustrative line-up includes: entertainers, living history, market stalls, food and drink outlets, heritage crafters and subject matter lectures.


Publication date: 23/06/2022

Date of decision: 21/06/2022

Date comes into force if not called in: 01/07/2022

Call-in deadline date: 30/06/2022

Current call-in Count: 0

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