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Culture and Visitor Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 17th November, 2020 10.00 am

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Comments from Members of the Public

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    To receive comments or views from members of the public at the Committee’s discretion.




Register of attendance, membership and apologies for absence

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    A register of attendance was taken, confirming all committee members were present.



Disclosure of Interests

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    Members are asked to disclose any interests in matters for consideration at the meeting.


    No interests were disclosed.


Action Notes from the meeting held on 15 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 118 KB

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    The Action Notes from the meeting held on 15 September 2020, were agreed as a true record by all present.



Updates from the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 48 KB

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    It was noted that the Tourism Action Plan had been circulated to members on 29 September 2020 and was presented to the committee under item 9 by the Visitor Economy Lead from InvestSK.


    A further action requesting any items for consideration at a future meeting by Members had been noted at the previous meeting.


    An update to the Deepings Festival was provided by the Chairman who informed members that an online series of events were being held as a precursor to the Literary Festival. An initial event was successful with a virtual audience with the author Louise Doughty attracting 35 people. Further events were planned with accomplished authors.



Mental Health Challenge Workshop

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    To agree a workshop date and request volunteers from the Committee Membership


    The Assistant Chief Executive informed Members of the Council’s proposed response to the Mental Health Challenge, set by seven mental health charities who are working together to improve mental health across England. A workshop was planned for December 2020, with all Culture and Visitor Economy and Rural and Communities scrutiny members invited to attend.


    A Member recommended the inclusion of Don’t Lose Hope Café based in Bourne to the Workshop. The Assistant Chief Executive would liaise with the Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy, and if appropriate, extend an invitation to the Don’t Lose Hope Café from the Head of Organisational Development. The Chairman commended the community response during lockdown.


    The following Committee Members volunteered to attend the Mental Health Challenge Workshop:


    Councillor Paul Fellows

    Councillor Judy Smith


    A non-committee member also volunteered:


    Councillor Jacky Smith



    ACTION 1

    ·       Assistant Chief Executive to liaise with the Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy and if appropriate, request invitation to Mental Health Challenge Workshop be sent to Don’t Lose Hope Café of Bourne from the Head of Organisational Development.



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) pdf icon PDF 375 KB

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    Presentation of Key Performance Indicators and targets to align with the new Corporate Plan

    Additional documents:


    The Assistant Chief Executive presented a report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), informing members that the Corporate Plan had been approved by Full Council on 1 October 2020. This would set out the vision of the Council for South Kesteven.


    Various actions had been identified within the Corporate Plan that generated KPIs for consultation with the relevant committees. A proposed set of KPIs and targets had been set for this committee and were presented for consideration and approval with the targets then monitored going forward. The setting of new baselines would be necessary.


    The Chairman observed the excellent progress and work on markets towards being self-sufficient with acknowledgement that the target for next year would require realigning due to the impact of the pandemic.


    In response to Members’ questions the Assistant Chief Executive advised that an annual review would be undertaken after quarter 4 to look at performance and to consider targets and actions. The Head of Arts updated the Committee on work and plans being undertaken for the promotion of historical figures from the District. The impact of the pandemic on the Town Hall at Bourne had presented challenges though there remained great positivity for the future. The high level of support needed for all facilities post pandemic was recognised by members.


    An update on the progress of the KPIs will be provided at each meeting of the committee. The hard work of the officers was noted by the Committee.


    On being put to the vote it was AGREED:


    1.    To approve the proposed Key Performance Indicators and targets associated with the actions in the South Kesteven Corporate Plan 2020-23.


    2.    To note that key performance indicators and success criteria for each action will be reviewed and if necessary revised as part of the annual review process.


    ACTION 2

    ·       To add KPIs to the work programme for each meeting going forward.



Culture Recovery Fund Update and Service Action Plan Proposals for 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 313 KB

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    An overview of the Culture Recovery Fund, and a request for feedback and suggestions from the Committee surrounding priorities for future Service Activity Plans

    Additional documents:


    Members were directed to slides that had been provided ahead of the meeting. In his presentation to the Committee, the Head of Arts updated members that to date £230,000 of Culture Recovery funding had been provided by the Government in response to a bid made by SKDC. The funding received was to protect jobs, particularly assisting freelancers and restart performances over a six-month period from October 2020. The Head of Arts confirmed he was holding ongoing discussions with the arts community focussing on job creation for the freelance sector.


    Stewarding and safety measures have had to be considered when delivering past and future phases of work. Social distance measures in indoor venues were being investigated and reviewed for  a continued phased reopening of venues.


    Funding was also based on delivering activities and redelivery of activities when safe to do so, and took into account actions such as redeployment of staff to try to support the wider work of the council. Planned events for November had been suspended; once Covid-19 guidance was known for December it was hoped to continue some activities including pay to view options that were being explored. Refurbishment work to venues would be reported back when progress has been made.


    Members congratulated the Head of Arts and his Team for their handling of the pandemic crisis. They also observed the low level of funding that had been supplied from government, and were encouraged to attend the next meeting of the SK Creative Artists’ Network, with future dates to be sent to Members by the Head of Arts and to extend invitations to include representatives from the visitor economy. The network is an informal forum for individuals and organisations within South Kesteven’s creative/cultural sector, brought together every 8-10 weeks in order to share their projects, aspirations and challenges, thereby informing future strategic priorities and initiatives. 


    ACTION 3

    ·       The Chairman to liaise with the Head of Arts regarding inviting a representative from Arts Pop Up, a non-profit contemporary arts organisation, to attend a future meeting of the Committee

    ·       The Head of Arts to circulate to members invitations to future meetings of SK Creative Artists’ Network and to investigate extending invitations to include representatives from the visitor economy


    Council Services Action Plan


    The Council action plan links to identified KPIs that will be monitored by the Committee. Proposed Cultural Services Activity Plans activities had been identified as part of the report on the Cultural Strategy.The Committee was invited to identify priority items to pursue as a service and in particular any areas relating to the Cultural Services’ KPIs identified in the previous item.


    A cultural creative Community Interest Company was being explored to build on potential investment from the private sector and other external  bodies where funding is not generally available to the Council. It is intended that the Council will identify individuals and organisations to work with in partnership in order to bring larger amounts of grant funding to the district.


    In response to concerns over accountability of a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 69.


Visitor Economy and Tourism Action Plan

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    Verbal update from Mary Powell on the progress of the Tourism Action Plan and the Visitor Economy


    Members received an update of the action plan from the Visitor Economy Lead of InvestSK.


    The discretionary grant went live on 13 November 2020 for businesses that had to close during lockdown. Applications were already being received. It was reported that the Visitor Economy Officer was in constant communication with tourism businesses. A winter attraction list was being prepared and updated in readiness for the end of the lockdown.


    Funding had been received from Visit England towards Cycle England and Explorers Road, with access to further funding available to support the tourism action plan. Members additionally heard that following commissioning of new photographs these were now available free to use for marketing by local businesses. A draft of the new website ‘Visit Lincolnshire’ would be provided to members after the meeting.


    The Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy informed councillors that a ‘Tea Break’ meeting was organised to ensure all local businesses including B&Bs, were aware of support available which attracted 120 people, many from the visitor economy.


    Appreciation was extended by the Committee to the Visitor Economy Lead and the Visitor Economy Officer from InvestSKfor their work to support local people and businesses.


    ACTION 4

    ·        The Visitor Economy Lead from InvestSKto provide members with details of the new ‘Visit Lincolnshire’ website.



Work Programme pdf icon PDF 194 KB

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    To consider items for the 2020/21 Committee work programme and note the Cabinet Forward Plan

    Additional documents:


    The following to be added to the Work Programme:


    1.    KPIs to be presented by the Assistant Chief Executive at each meeting


    2.    Impact of Pandemic to continue to feature at each meeting


    The Committee agreed to amend the meeting times of all virtual meetings of the Committee to the morning.


    ACTION 5

    ·        Democracy Services to update the meeting times for all virtual meetings of the Committee.


Any other business which the Chairman, by reason of special circumstances decides is urgent

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    Committee members and the Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy extended their appreciation to the Scrutiny Officer for her contribution to the committee and wished her well in her new role outside the organisation.


    Meeting closed at 11:25