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Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 21st July, 2020 10.30 am

Venue: This meeting will be held by remote conferencing using Skype for Business

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this meeting will be held remotely. Joining details are included on the agenda cover sheet 

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Comments from Members of the public

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    To receive comments or views from members of the public at the Committee’s discretion





Register of attendance, membership and apologies for absence

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    All Members of the Committee were present.



Disclosure of Interests

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    Members are asked to disclose any interests in matters for consideration at the meeting


    No interests were disclosed.



Action Notes from the meeting held on 21 June 2020 pdf icon PDF 220 KB

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    The Committee deferred agreeing the action notes from the meeting on 23 June 2020 to enable a review of the action notes. The review would examine if it was agreed that the rewilding project would be on a one project per town basis. Officers would liaise with the Chairman and the action notes from the meeting on 23 June would be brought forward for approval at the next meeting.



Updates from the previous meeting


Performance Report pdf icon PDF 370 KB

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    A report detailing the performance dashboard development work undertaken to date, development of future performance reporting, and 2019/20 out-turn figures for waste services.

    Additional documents:


    The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations introduced the report and asked for input from the committee as to what they thought should be included as environmental performance indicators. A Member spoke of his surprise that the report was signed off when he felt that it was incomplete and lacking key indicators. He spoke of the proposals that he had made in the past and how he felt they could have been used to develop the report. The Member commented that some of the indicators in the report would already be reviewed by other committees and that this committee should add value by looking at new areas. He briefly outlined several suggested areas for examination, which included electricity usage, gas usage and electric vehicles. He noted that in a previous meeting it was decided his proposed indicators should receive feedback, which had not occurred.


    The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations stated that he wanted this report to be a starting point for the committee so that it could identify areas it wished to scrutinise. He stated that whilst the level of detail in this report may be suitable for other Committees, he wanted to understand what this Committee wished to see. He agreed that some of the areas outlined by the Member could become key performance indicators but stressed that the indicators should be specific to areas for which the Council had direct responsibility.


    There was a discussion about what areas fell under the Council’s direct responsibility, rather than reflecting the actions of external agencies. This included a discussion around the possible use of commercial waste recycling as an indicator. The Cabinet Member stated that this may be of interest but it would not be a fair assessment of the Council’s performance because of its limited influence in this area. He did suggest that domestic recycling could be an indicator as the Council has a duty to encourage residents to recycle.


    The Vice-Chairman commented that energy usage would be a useful indicator as there were several proposed energy reduction schemes in the Carbon Trust report. There was a discussion around the food waste scheme and how this could impact the Council’s recycling rates. The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations informed the Committee that households using the food waste scheme were not separated within the report and that the 10% uplift in recycling would not be seen due to the limited area of the district eligible to take part in the scheme.


    A Member asked about the future of the food waste scheme and the Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations spoke of the Key Decision that had been made to continue the food waste scheme in the pilot area after the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership ceased its funding. This outlay would be reviewed on a six-monthly basis. The Committee heard of the Cabinet Member’s ambition to continue and expand the scheme. There was a question of cost to the Council and the committee was advised that there was a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 60.


Carbon Footprint Report pdf icon PDF 496 KB

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    Report providing an overview of progress to date of work undertaken to understand South Kesteven District Council’s carbon footprint and possible projects to reduce carbon emissions.

    Additional documents:


    The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations introduced the report and stated that the Council, since declaring a climate emergency, had made excellent progress. He spoke of the recommendations in the report and highlighted the depth of information and the suggested projects included within the Carbon Trust report. The Committee noted that some of the projects would not yet be technically or financially feasible but it was assumed that they would be in future. 


              The Sustainability and Climate Change Officer highlighted some projects that she believed would be ideal areas for the Council’s immediate ambitions. She spoke of the refurbishment works that were already planned at the offices within St Peter’s Hill and that solar panels, a new heating system and LED bulbs could be added to those plans. She spoke of her belief that energy management could be a good area for the Council’s immediate consideration.


    In the longer term she spoke of the Council’s fleet of vehicles which accounted for 25% of the Council’s carbon emissions but warned against moving to electrification immediately to enable the examination of technical and financial issues in greater detail. The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations spoke about the impact of Covid-19, which had reshaped the work of the Council’s core functions. He also spoke of the positive environmental impact of remote meetings and working from home. 


    A question was raised about whether, when fleet vehicles were due for replacement, electric vehicles were considered. Members also queried how the larger waste vehicles could move away from traditional fossil fuels. The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations responded, stating that the Council had completed a two-year review of its fleet. It had identified that the two electric vehicles in use were not suitable for wider rollout because of their reduced range. He commented that the Council had limited use for the vehicles however he stressed that as technology improved, the Council would review the range of newer models. He added that the Council’s pool cars were not due for replacement for several years but post Covid-19 changes to working culture could result in a rationalisation of pool cars taking place. He informed Committee Members that the large waste vehicles could be replaced with hydrogen fuelled vehicles as technology improved. The Committee heard that the Council replaced three to four vehicles of this type each year, so when an alternative was found the replacements could follow this pattern.


    The Committee received an update on electric vehicle charging points which were in place. Members were informed that when lockdown came into place, completion of the project was delayed. It was hoped that the points would be operational by end of the first week of August. The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations informed the Committee that the Council was continuing to investigate funding opportunities to expand the number of charging points.


    The Vice-Chairman asked about the replacement of streetlights with LED lamps. The Cabinet Member responded, stating that the numbers of LED lights were low  ...  view the full minutes text for item 61.


Review of Public Space Protection Orders pdf icon PDF 329 KB

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    A report considering existing the extension of existing Public Space Protection Orders, and an additional proposed Order

    Additional documents:


    The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations introduced the report on the review of Public Space Protection Orders. He explained that the Orders were due for renewal on a 3-yearly basis and that they were now due to be reviewed. He reminded Members that it was necessary to conduct consultation in respect of these orders. The Committee was being asked to review the current and proposed orders. He stressed that the Orders could not be implemented without significant evidence to demonstrate that they were required.


    The Chairman enquired whether it would still be necessary to consult on an Order if it was proposed they should be reviewed without amendment. It was confirmed that this was the case. The Chair also asked if the Ward areas on the appendices were current and whether that was relevant. She was informed that the Ward boundaries could be amended if the Committee supported the proposals.


    A Member asked why The Spinney was the only area on the proposed new protection order and not the cemetery in general. The Head of Environmental commented that the town council wanted the area covered by the Order to be proportionate and restricted to the area where it had identified concerns.


    A Member asked about the limitations of the Orders how they could affect other anti-social behaviours. The Head of Environmental responded, advising the Committee that they could be used for behaviour that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of an area, but this must be evidenced. The areas could be enforced by authorised officers, Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers. A Member expressed his support for the Market Deeping application and asked about how the Police would be consulted. Members were informed that the Police was a statutory consultee.


    A Ward Member for the Deepings area spoke of their experience as Deputy Mayor, stating that the town council had felt that the application was necessary because of dog fouling in an area used for the scattering of ashes, which was distressing to the bereaved. She commented that there was no evidence of fouling mess in the cemetery so it was not included in the proposal. She informed the Committee that the Market Deeping Town Council had received positive feedback from residents on social media about taking action regarding the issue of dog mess within The Spinney.


    A Grantham Ward Councillor spoke of historic issues of public drinking in the town centre and Wyndham park. The Order covering this area had combatted public drinking and had a positive effect, moving street drinkers away from these areas. He shared his belief that these Orders would continue to combat the detrimental impact of street drinking and encouraged the Committee to support the recommendations found within the report.


    The Committee:

    Recommends that the existing Public Space Protection Orders be used as a basis for public consultation, requiring that the maps are updated to reflect current Ward boundaries


    Endorses the request from Market Deeping Town Council to implement a Public Space  ...  view the full minutes text for item 62.


2020/21 Work Programme pdf icon PDF 343 KB

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    To confirm the Work Programme and add items as necessary

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman recognised the hard work of officers, while working to meet the pressures created by the Covid-19 pandemic.


    The following amendments were made to the to the Committee’s work programme:


    ·        Add trees and hedge planting to the workplan (TBC).

    ·        Options to use of the £20,000 reserve to be brought to the October meeting.

    ·        Updated report on Environmental performance indicators to be given at next meeting.

    ·        Report on the Big Clean to be added to the workplan (TBC).

    ·        Cycling update to be brought to the October meeting.




Any other business which the Chairman, by reason of special circumstances, decides is urgent

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    The meeting was closed at 12:58