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Finance, Economic Development and Corporate Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 4th June, 2019 10.30 am

Venue: Ballroom, The Guildhall Arts Centre, St Peter's Hill, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 6PZ

Contact: Anita Eckersley 

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The Chairman welcomed members to the meeting. He set out the way he would like to see the Committee operate to ensure that it used its time as effectively as possible, including prior notice where a Member had a number of questions on an individual item, including, where possible, the submission of those questions. He also indicated that if members wished to place an item on the Committee’s work programme between meetings, they should forward that item to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for consideration.


Questions were put about the remit of the Committee. Members were advised that the new Committee had inherited the remit of the former Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee, together with a series of additions. The remit of the Committee was being prepared in conjunction with the review of the Council’s Constitution, which was underway. Any specific areas that members of the Committee would like included could be articulated during the meeting and fed into the Constitution review.


Disclosure of Interests

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    Members are asked to disclose any interest in matters for consideration at the meeting.


    No interests were disclosed.


Proposed development at Stamford North - Statement of Common Ground pdf icon PDF 207 KB

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    Report of the Cabinet Member for Planning on the Statement of Common Ground between South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and Rutland County Council in respect of proposed development of land at Stamford North.

    Additional documents:


    The Committee was provided with the context of the report of the Cabinet Member for Planning on the Statement of Common Ground for the proposed development at Stamford North. The report had arisen out of SKDC’s Local Plan, which was approved by Council in May 2018 and had been submitted to the Secretary of State and subject to examination in public. As part of this process the Council had to evidence how it worked with neighbouring authorities under the duty to co-operate.


    The Local Plan included a significant allocation to the north of Stamford, which extended beyond the district boundary into Rutland. At the current time, both authorities had brought forward separate allocations, but the aim was to make sure that this was more co-ordinated in the future. The Statement of Common Ground set out the principles of how the relevant local authorities (South Kesteven District Council, Rutland County Council and Lincolnshire County Council) would work together. The Statement of Common Ground would be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 11 June 2019, with a view to its adoption.


    Through questions, members established that this document was the first part of a three-stage process in developing the site. The Statement of Common Ground set out how the local planning authorities and highways authorities would work with one another to progress the development.


    Members asked whether it would be appropriate to include Stamford Town Council in the Statement of Common Ground as they were considered to be a key stakeholder. It was also noted that Stamford Town Council was producing its own Neighbourhood Plan, which several Members suggested should be central to the development. Councillors were advised that engagement with Stamford Town Council would take place during the second phase, which was the formation of a development brief for the site; this would ultimately become supplementary planning guidance. The development brief would set out wider considerations, including phasing, provision of infrastructure and the location of key facilities. This approach was in compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework, which stated that strategic issues should not be considered in isolation.


    The third part of the process was the submission and determination of planning applications. Applications would come forward in line with the development brief and go through the normal committee process for the respective local planning authority. One member suggested that it might be appropriate for the Statement of Common Ground to be considered by the Planning Committee but it was noted that the document was an executive decision on how the authorities worked together rather than an arrangement that affected the determination of planning applications.


    Members were interested in how the proposed phasing of the development might work and how this could be affected by the interests of different landowners. The development would cover land in three different ownerships; a legal agreement would be established between the three landowners to ensure that the development could step across the whole site. A memorandum of understanding would also be drawn up between  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Work Programme

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    For Members to discuss and consider items for the Work Programme for the 2019-20 year.


    Established standing items for the committee were budget and performance monitoring. Members suggested additional items that they would like included on the Committee’s work programme:


    ·         2018/19 – budget outturn and quarter 4 performance (16 July 2019)

    ·         2019/20 – quarter 1 performance and budget updates (additional meeting, date to be confirmed end July/early August)

    ·         Remit of committee (16 July 2019)

    ·         Economic Development Strategy; work to begin with a presentation from InvestSK

    ·         Town centre review update (carried over from Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee)

    ·         Development infrastructure

    ·         Outputs and returns arising from the Council’s companies

    ·         Local Plan post-examination report (July 2019)

    ·         Customer feedback process (autumn/winter 2019)

    ·         Medium Term Financial Strategy

    ·         Transformation, including IT and infrastructure

    ·         Car parking

    ·         Housing delivery

    ·         Engaging with the business community


    Committee members felt that to ensure sufficient capacity, they would like to add additional meetings. The Chairman stated that in time for the next meeting a work programme, including additional meeting dates, would be produced and circulated to members.



Close of meeting

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    The meeting was closed at 12:07.