Agenda and minutes

UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund Board - Tuesday, 28th February, 2023 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - South Kesteven House, St. Peter's Hill, Grantham. NG31 6PZ. View directions


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Apologies for Absence

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    Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Kelham Cooke and Paul Wood.


Declarations of Interests

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    Councillor Judy Stevens declared an interest in two items being considered under the ‘South Kesteven Prosperity Fund’ as she was the Chairman of the Friends of Deepings Library. She would take no part in or vote on any proposal for Deepings Library.


    Councillors Adam Stokes, Nicola Manterfield and Annie Mason declared that they were Grantham Chartered Trustees, but that they had had no involvement in the submissions from that organization and therefore felt able to remain in the meeting, consider and vote upon the applications under ‘South Kesteven Prosperity Fund’.


    Councillor Philip Knowles declared an interest in an item for consideration under ‘South Kesteven Prosperity Fund’ as he was currently the Chair of Bourne United Charities who are the landlords of the Bourne Lawn Tennis Club; he would take no part in or vote on any proposal for this club.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 265 KB

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    Minutes of the previous meeting held on 8 February 2023.

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    The minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2023 were agreed as a true record.


    Members present proposed, seconded and AGREED to vary the order of the agenda to allow the presentations from external bodies to be heard prior to the submissions to the South Kesteven Prosperity Fund.


Local Economic Forum (LEF) pdf icon PDF 110 KB

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    To consider and agree the Terms of Reference for the LEF.

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    Members considered a report on the terms of reference for the Local Economic Forum (LEF), which would aim to bring together local stakeholders in the District to provide guidance on the strategic fit and deliverability of the South Kesteven UKSPF Investment Plan and the emerging South Kesteven Economic Development Strategy.


    The government had set the principles for the LEF in terms of decision making, and the membership. It was important to be able to administer the LEF and to set its parameters.


    Membership of the LEF was outlined at 5.1 of the draft Terms of Reference. It was vital to ensure that any identified members of the LEF were fair and representative of their respective sectors; appointed representatives from the Council’s UKSPF Board were initial invitees. It was suggested that the Chairman of the UKSPF Board also be the Chairman of the LEF.


    The following points were raised during debate:


    ·       One member suggested that some work needed to happen on the name of the LEF to differentiate it from the South Kesteven UKSPF Board.

    ·       It was confirmed that the total number of members of the LEF was not set, and it would be for the UKSPF Board to set this number. The Chairman suggested that any members of the UKSPF Board interested in joining the LEF should submit their expressions of interest to the Head of Economic Development.

    ·       Officers would take guidance and then conclude on whether interested parish and town council members were representative of the whole District.

    ·       It was confirmed that representation at a local level was confined to parish and town councils and therefore parish meeting members were not eligible to apply. All parish councils would be written to and asked whether they wished to be part of the LEF.


    The terms of reference were moved, seconded, and AGREED.





Presentations from applicants

    It will be recommended that the public and press be excluded from the presentations due to the likelihood of sensitive financial information of the companies involved being revealed.

    Additional documents:


    Prior to the presentations from representatives from ‘The Bread and Butter Thing’ (TBBT) and the ‘Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub’ members moved, seconded and AGREED to exclude the public and press under paragraph 3 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 due to the likely discussion of sensitive financial information of those third parties within their presentations and the discussion that followed.


    Note: Councillor Ashley Baxter arrived during this item.


    The following information was raised during discussion of TBBT:


    ·       Preventing food poverty and supporting cost of living issues met many of the government indicators for UK Shared Prosperity Funding.

    ·       The use of fast food would not be tackled directly by the group. Areas where there were no supermarkets within a reasonable distance (known as ‘food deserts’) would be targeted, as would ‘food swamps’ (areas where there were high concentrations of non-nutritious food outlets).

    ·       TBBT largely worked on an in-person basis to enable direct contact with people. They would work out of schools and other similar buildings.

    ·       The food distributed changed on a daily basis. There were around 100 hubs across the country, and TBBT operated in communities where they could add value.

    ·       It was confirmed that any money granted to TBBT would be via UKSPF funding, and not from the Council’s reserves.


    The following information was raised during discussion of ‘Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub’:


    ·       Any funding granted would be used directly for business support delivery.

    ·       There were currently 11 advisors covering Greater Lincolnshire, with one in the South Kesteven District.

    ·       Lincolnshire was a pilot region for the ‘made smarter’ programme.

    ·       There were 38 ‘growth hubs’ nationally. Business Lincolnshire was within the East Midlands cluster so took the lead on the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire growth hubs.

    ·       The District had over 7000 registered businesses, and Business Lincolnshire had worked with 2515 of these since 2015.

    ·       Business Lincolnshire had an extensive PR and Marketing department.

    ·       Business Lincolnshire were experienced in developing European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), as well as state aid. State aid was now referred to as subsidy control.

    ·       A breakdown of the funds that Business Lincolnshire were requesting could be provided. An answer was not required immediately as this was not a bid for year one funding.

    ·       Business Lincolnshire had a dedicated agricultural food advisor.







South Kesteven Prosperity Fund

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    Consider and agree eligible applications for funding from the South Kesteven Prosperity Fund.

    Additional documents:


    Members considered applications for funding from the South Kesteven Prosperity Fund whilst still in private session as discussions were likely to include sensitive financial information.


    The following applications for consideration and agreement were discussed by the Board:


    Arnhem 1944 Fellowship


    Further information was sought by the Board on this application on how it would benefit the local community, as well as options after the feasibility study had been completed.


    It was moved, seconded, and AGREED that a decision on this application be deferred to the next meeting of the Board.


    Stamford Civic Society


    As there was money still present in the Community Fund for the coronation, it was moved, seconded and AGREED to move this application forward for consideration for Community Fund monies.


    Note:  Councillor Philip Knowles left the Chamber whilst the Board considered the application from Bourne Lawn and District Tennis Club as he was currently the Chair of Bourne United Charities, landlords of the Bourne Lawn Tennis Club. The Vice-Chairman, Councillor Helen Crawford took the Chair.


    Bourne Lawn and District Tennis Club


    Officers informed members that the club were not considered eligible for funding as they a private, member only club. However, officers could work with them if they wanted to return with a revised application that opened up the Tennis Club to the community.


    It was moved, seconded, and AGREED that this application be REJECTED.


    Note:  Councillor Philip Knowles returned to the Chamber. Councillor Judy Stevens left the Chamber during consideration of the next two items as they both related to the Deepings Community Library.


    Deepings Community Library


    The application to run a History Heritage Day was eligible, and members moved, seconded, and AGREED the application.


    Friends of Deepings Library


    Members advised that this application should be deferred until a later date as there may be other alternatives to provide a 2 day pop up cinema weekend.


    Members moved, seconded and AGREED that this item be APPROVED but requested further information on the event to be provided at the next meeting.


    Note:  Councillor Judy Stevens returned to the Chamber.


    Swinstead Parish Council


    Officers advised members that this was an eligible application; to erect deer fencing around the internal boundary of the orchard.


    The application was moved, seconded, and AGREED.


    Grantham Chartered Trustees – coronation picnic on the green


    Officers advised that further guidance was required as to the powers of trustees, as although there were similarities to a parish or town council, the bodies were not the same and were funded differently.


    It was moved, seconded and AGREED to:


    1.    REJECT the application.

    2.    Ask officers to establish the eligibility, and rights of the Chartered Trustees applying for funding.


    Social Committee of the Priory Church, Deeping St. James


    Officers advised members that there was a sum of match funding for this project; a pop concert in the Church Hall.


    The application was moved, seconded and AGREED.


    Grantham Rivercare


    The application to fund extra equipment for litter picking was moved, seconded and AGREED.


    Grantham St. Wulframs  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Consider and agree applications following presentation from applicants

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    Additional documents:


    Members deliberated on the two applications for UKSPF funding from TBBT and Business Lincolnshire having earlier heard their presentations.


    The following points were noted during debate:


    ·       TBBT was investing a lot of money into the District, and was a project ideally suited to the purposes of the government funding. The set-up costs provided by TBBT were based on the from hubs in other locations around the UK. The delivery of this project would help build the case of effective UKSPF spend.

    ·       South Kesteven would be hosting the regional distribution centre for TBBT which made partnering with them more appealing than if the distribution centre was based in another district.

    ·       Residents needed help with the cost of living crisis.


    It was moved, seconded and AGREED to delegate authority to the Chairman on behalf of the UKSPF Board, in consultation with the Director of Growth and Culture, the Assistant Director of Finance and the Head of Economic Development, to review and confirm that TBBT’s accounts were satisfactory before agreeing the allocation to TBBT.


    The following points were noted during debate on the application from Business Lincolnshire:


    ·       Business Lincolnshire would provide in person support and access to the workshops with the 5.2% contribution of UKSPF funding. Business Lincolnshire had to now bid into districts to receive funding. No large change to the services that Business Lincolnshire were proposed as services delivered previously would continue with alternative funding,if approved.

    ·       More information was required on how Business Lincolnshire decided on the percentage of UKSPF allocation for each participating council to contribute.

    ·       Members were advised that as 1 April there would be no specialist business growth support. Further, no risk or overhead with the growth hub.

    ·       Growth hub met many of the UKSPF funding criteria and a main investment priority of UKSPF was ‘Supporting Local Businesses’. Found further information on the Business Lincolnshire proposal from the Council Meeting in July 2022.

    ·       Further information was required by members on the Business Lincolnshire proposal.


    It was moved, seconded and AGREED to DEFER the decision on the Business Lincolnshire proposal until the following meeting of the Board.


Any other business which the Chairman, by reason of special circumstances decides is urgent

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    Additional documents:


    The next meeting date would be scheduled in week commencing 27th March 2023.


    There was no other business for consideration.