Agenda item

Review of Public Space Protection Orders

A report considering existing the extension of existing Public Space Protection Orders, and an additional proposed Order


The Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations introduced the report on the review of Public Space Protection Orders. He explained that the Orders were due for renewal on a 3-yearly basis and that they were now due to be reviewed. He reminded Members that it was necessary to conduct consultation in respect of these orders. The Committee was being asked to review the current and proposed orders. He stressed that the Orders could not be implemented without significant evidence to demonstrate that they were required.


The Chairman enquired whether it would still be necessary to consult on an Order if it was proposed they should be reviewed without amendment. It was confirmed that this was the case. The Chair also asked if the Ward areas on the appendices were current and whether that was relevant. She was informed that the Ward boundaries could be amended if the Committee supported the proposals.


A Member asked why The Spinney was the only area on the proposed new protection order and not the cemetery in general. The Head of Environmental commented that the town council wanted the area covered by the Order to be proportionate and restricted to the area where it had identified concerns.


A Member asked about the limitations of the Orders how they could affect other anti-social behaviours. The Head of Environmental responded, advising the Committee that they could be used for behaviour that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of an area, but this must be evidenced. The areas could be enforced by authorised officers, Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers. A Member expressed his support for the Market Deeping application and asked about how the Police would be consulted. Members were informed that the Police was a statutory consultee.


A Ward Member for the Deepings area spoke of their experience as Deputy Mayor, stating that the town council had felt that the application was necessary because of dog fouling in an area used for the scattering of ashes, which was distressing to the bereaved. She commented that there was no evidence of fouling mess in the cemetery so it was not included in the proposal. She informed the Committee that the Market Deeping Town Council had received positive feedback from residents on social media about taking action regarding the issue of dog mess within The Spinney.


A Grantham Ward Councillor spoke of historic issues of public drinking in the town centre and Wyndham park. The Order covering this area had combatted public drinking and had a positive effect, moving street drinkers away from these areas. He shared his belief that these Orders would continue to combat the detrimental impact of street drinking and encouraged the Committee to support the recommendations found within the report.


The Committee:

Recommends that the existing Public Space Protection Orders be used as a basis for public consultation, requiring that the maps are updated to reflect current Ward boundaries


Endorses the request from Market Deeping Town Council to implement a Public Space Protection Order to control dogs at The Spinney, Market Deeping Cemetery.


Recommends to the Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations that public consultation is undertaken in respect of the extension of the existing Orders and proposed new Public Space Protection Order subject to the maps being updated to reflect current Ward boundaries.


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