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Application S19/2134

Proposal:                  Erection of an 80 bed care home (use class C2) and 22 retirement apartments including vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, infrastructure and associated works.

Location:                   Land at Beaufort Drive, Bourne

Recommendation:     That the application is refused


Proposal:        Erection of an 80 bed care home (use class C2) and 22       retirement apartments including vehicular and pedestrian        access, parking, infrastructure and associated works.

Location:         Land at Beaufort Drive, Bourne

Decision:         That the application is refused


The officer presentation and public speaking session was amalgamated with application S19/2111.


Noting comments made during the public speaking session by:

District Councillor:                  Councillor Phillip Knowles

                                                 Councillor Anna Kelly

                                                 Councillor Sue Woolley

                                                 Councillor Helen Crawford


Against:                                   Jane Connolly

                                                 Shaun Sinnott


Applicant’s Agent:                  Andrew Hodgson


Together with:


·             Provisions within the National Planning Policy Framework and the South Kesteven Local Plan and supplementary planning documents

·             Site visit observations

·             Objections from Bourne Town Council

·             No comments from the Environment Agency

·             Request condition from Anglian Water

·             Advice on licences from Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board

·             Initial and final responses from LCC Highways and SuDS, objections made and request to refuse

·             No comments from LCC Education

·             Concerns raised from LCC Adult Care

·             Recommendations from Heritage Lincolnshire

·             No comment to make by Natural England

·             Objections from Bourne Civic Society

·             Requirement from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

·             Representations received as a result of public consultation

·             The additional information report published on 26 October 2020; and officer comment thereon

·             Comments made by Members at the meeting


Members noted the following concerns regarding the application:


·             The proximity to the Farm

·             Significant community objection

·             Social housing located in just one area of the proposal, rather than integrated into the wider development

·             Not a sustainable location; nearest transport links around 500 metres away

·             Drainage

·             Impact to the A15 and increased traffic

·             Insufficient S106 agreement proposals


It was proposed, seconded and agreed that the application be refused for the following reasons: 


         The submitted Statement of Community Involvement, together with

the feedback from the public, Town Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group during consultation on the application has very clearly demonstrated that the proposal does not have substantial community support. The proposed is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policy SP4 and there are no overriding material considerations, including the need or otherwise for care homes and retirement dwellings, that outweigh this fundamental conflict with the Development Plan.


         The layout and extent of the proposed development would not relate well to the existing built form and would appear as a poorly designed and incongruous encroachment into open countryside contrary to Local Plan policies EN1, DE1 and SP4 as well as the provisions of the NPPF (section 12).


         No element of affordable housing has been proposed within the retirement apartments contrary to Local Plan Policy H2 and the NPPF.


         Insufficient information has been submitted with the application to enable the local planning authority to fully assess whether the potential impacts of flood risk and drainage would be acceptable, contrary to Local Plan Policy EN5 and NPPF section 14.


            The proposed development for a care home and retirement apartments would not be sustainably located in relation to its proposed use. The site does not offer a range of transport choices that reduces the need to travel by car and is not located within an accessible distance to a range of services and facilities. The proposal is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policies SP1, SD1 and Policy ID2 and section 9 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

At 12:13 the Chairman called a brief recess, the meeting reconvened at 12:18. 


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