Agenda item

Verbal Update from Cabinet Members

Verbal updates throughout Covid-19 pandemic, on the current situation:

·       Update on Covid-19

·       Feedback from anti-racism motion to Council

·       Community Fund

·       Community Policing

·       Homelessness Partnership with other Districts

·       Cold weather payments for homeless people

·       Local Plan

·       External Planning Review

·       Disabled Facilities Grants Quarter 2

·       Housing Repairs Update

·       Garden Maintenance Scheme


Due to the Cabinet Member for Communities being unable to present the report the Community Engagement and Policy Development Officer delivered a verbal update on her behalf to Committee members.



·       National deaths caused by Covid-19 had been updated to 50,000

·       There had been a reported rise of 68 cases in South Kesteven on the previous week with a total of 78 Covid-related deaths

·       Work was continuing with the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum during the second lockdown

·       Letters from Government have been sent to the clinically extremely vulnerable including parents and carers with advice to stay at home. Qualifying residents have been encouraged to register with the NHS national shielding service

·       The community hub was still active. Food box service was not available. It was possible if required, for The Hub to be placed on full capacity.

·       A new walk-in testing station was being placed in Grantham to supplement the popup facility. Pre booking was required

The Chairman recorded his wishes to the Cabinet Member for Communities for a speedy recovery and requested a report be presented at the next meeting.


A member requested testing stations for the south of the district. A temporary station was already available with no plans for any additional facilities within the district. Facilities were determined by greatest risk.


Feedback from anti-racism motion to Council

·       The Council had passed the anti-racism motion on 1 October 2020. An action plan was now being worked on to be presented at the next meeting of this committee.

Community Fund

·       The report was presented to Cabinet on 13 October 2020 including the committee’s observations. The proposed removal of parishes and towns from the criteria was not agreed by Cabinet who extended their appreciation of the committee’s input. Applications to the Community Fund were available up to 4 December 2020.

The Committee received updates from the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning on the following items:


Homelessness Partnership with other Districts

·       The Rough Sleep Initiative Change for Lincs reported that 13 staff were working with individuals needing emergency accommodation

·       3 people had been identified for emergency support

·       £145,000 of funds had been provided for development and refurbishment of 4 privately acquired properties; £40,000 for an intensive support worker and an additional £14,000 for short-term bed and breakfast

Cold weather payments for homeless people

·       Cold weather support for the homeless was available from central government towards bed and breakfast and energy costs.

Local Plan

·       The submission was issued on 28 October 2020. Consultation findings were awaited.

External Planning Review

·       Findings of the planning review were reported to be with Cratus having been presented to members and officers. The review was to be considered by the Governance and Audit Committee on 19 November 2020 and would return to this committee in six months.

Disabled Facilities Grants Quarter 2

·       Home works and occupational therapy have continued despite Covid-19 with £410,000 spent to date out of the total budget of £800,000.

Housing Repairs Update

·       Housing repairs had been impacted by Covid-19. Urgent and emergency repairs had been given priority. A reported 666 planned tasks were in process with the November lockdown not being as restrictive to that experienced earlier in the year.

Garden Maintenance Scheme

·       Garden maintenance criteria was being reviewed with planned adjustments. The enhancement of sheltered garden schemes was continuing.


To be added to the Committees work programme:

·       Report of action plan following the Council the motion on anti-racism.