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Corporate Plan 2020-23 - Key Performance Indicators and Targets

Report of the Leader of the Council to propose the key performance indicators and targets for the Corporate Plan 2020-23, to be monitored by this Committee


The Assistant Chief Executive introduced the report and explained that it focussed on the performance indicators attached to the Council’s Corporate Plan 2020-23, as adopted by Council on 1 October 2020 that were in the remit of this Committee.  The Plan set out the vision for South Kesteven to: “Be the best district in which to live, work and visit and contained five priority areas:


1      Growth and our Economy

2      Housing that meets the needs of All Residents

3      Health and Strong Communities

4      A Clean and Sustainable Environment

5      A High Performing Council


Under the five priority areas were 54 actions that the Council was planning to deliver over the period to 2023.  The delivery of each priority would be supported by several actions.  Targets and performance indicators would need to be set to determine whether delivery was on track, whether the action was likely to be achieved and if not how to address it.  Key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets had been developed with each of the relevant overview and scrutiny committee.  Once approved, each Committee would receive a quarterly performance report. 


The performance indicators for the scope of this Committee would cover 4 of the 5 priority areas in the Plan and largely be focussed on economic growth, employment and regeneration, capital projects and corporate services as part of a, high performing Council.   Any proposed changes to key performance indicators would be brought back to Committee. 


Members raised the following points:


·       What evidence was there that this reflected what the people of South Kesteven wanted or was it evidenced from Councillor demand.

·       Members acknowledged that public engagement had been difficult this year but expressed concern that there did not appear to be much input from the public.


The Assistant Chief Executive referred to the information gathered at the workshops that Members had attended and how an evidence-based approach had been undertaken to develop the priorities and actions within the Corporate Plan. A range of data sources had been utilised to undertake an assessment of performance and benchmarking to form an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) for the District.  The SWOT was then analysed and used to inform three key areas of the Corporate Plan:


  Vision an encompassing statement setting out succinctly the high-level aim for the District

      Priorities specific key areas of focus for the Council

  Actions the things that will, in combination seek to achieve the targets of the Council


The Chairman requested that the Committee Members receive copies of the KPIs for all the other Overview and Scrutiny Committees as well as the SWOT analysis.  He commented that the Committee wanted to ensure that the Council was not talking to itself and that the proposed targets were what people wanted and not was thought to be a good idea.  



That the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) data be shared with the Committee Members together with the Key Performance Indicators for the other Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


In response to queries about the Corporate Plan’s journey, how it would be reviewed, and consultation of any changes to the Corporate Plan, Members were informed that the Corporate Plan had been developed by assessing evidence, with Member and officer input and had been approved at Cabinet and Full Council in 2020.  However, the Corporate Plan was a living document that could change should circumstances require it and any changes would be approved via Overview and Scrutiny Committees and Cabinet. 


A vote by exception was taken, For: (7) and Abstain: (1).  The following recommendations were agreed subject to the Committees and Members being involved and consulted at the draft stage of the process of any changes. 


1      The proposed key performance indicators and targets associated with the actions in the South Kesteven District Council Corporate Plan 2020-23 are recommend to Cabinet.


2      That the Committee notes the key performance indicators and success criteria for each action will be reviewed and if necessary revised as part of the annual review process.

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