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Corporate Plan Key Performance Indicators 2021/22 (Mid-Year Update)

This mid-year update report outlines South Kesteven District Councils performance against the Corporate Plan Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the first half of 2021/22. 



The Committee received a report on the Corporate Plan Key Performance Indicators 2021/22 and a review of the Corporate Plan Actions.  Following a review of the Corporate Plan Actions and their associated KPIs, revised measures were proposed for Members’ consideration.


The South Kesteven Corporate Plan 2020 – 2023 was approved by Council on 1 October 2020, where it was agreed that Scrutiny Committees would develop relevant KPIs and targets.  October 2021 was the first anniversary of the Corporate Plan and Members were asked to consider amending actions and KPIs in line with the annual review.


Appendix 1 to the report outlined overall performance against the 13 actions due, as well as 35 sub-measures contained within those.  Of those actions, 6 were rated green, 2 were amber and 1 was red.  The Assistant Chief Executive provided details of the actions, having clarified that there were two elements to the report; in addition to looking back at performance management, the report proposed KPIs and targets for the coming year.


During discussion, Members raised the following points:


·            The plan targeting ‘Delivery of Growth of our Economy (7)’ was labelled as a red action and believed to potentially not be achievable.  Concern was raised that such an action may be removed from the plan as undelivered.  A Member requested information on how the decision would be made around other options for use of the Grantham cinema site and emphasised that they believed Councillors should have been involved in that process.


·            It was noted that Members were disappointed that Lincoln University were no longer able to make use of the Grantham cinema site.  Arrangements were deemed to be ‘on hold’ and a Member asked why, after two years of negotiations, could the University not be clear and confirm their position.  Until this has happened, the Council was not able to move on to other options.  It was clarified by the Deputy Chief Executive that it was clear that the University were not now interested in the site and that other options should be explored.


·            A Member asked a question about the potential income loss of the Grantham cinema site remaining empty?  This Assistant Director for Finance responded to this question.


·            Members agreed that other potential uses of the Grantham cinema site should be explored.  A Member highlighted that Grantham has not had a town centre-based community centre which could have been considered.


·            Clarity was requested on the target for apprentices as it appeared the Council was behind target.  Why had this not been achieved when the target was set quite low and what were the obstacles?  It was outlined that this target was on track as it was above the mid-year target and it is expected that the end of year target would be achieved.


·            A Member raised a point that several actions within the report were generic and non-specific.  These targets were considered to be easily achievable due to their lack of structure.  The Member further informed that they would like to see more results with the red actions and asked if some of the actions were more appropriate for other Committees or for the Senior Management Team.


The Assistant Chief Executive clarified that the aim of the report was to address issues and tackle them.  If having explored all options and no solution was found, it was considered appropriate to remove the target.  The Officer further informed that if Members considered any action were for other Committees, it would be ensured that Officers would liaise with the relevant Chairman.


It was further clarified by the Deputy Chief Executive that the plan was to work with Lincoln University.  The report confirmed that the Council would not be able to work with the University in regard to the Grantham site since circumstances changed due to the Pandemic and Lincoln University changed the way they work to significantly online and therefore did not wish to take up tenancy of the site.


A Member added that as Lincoln University now provided many courses online the need for a physical site in Grantham was significantly reduced.


In reference to Councillors being involved in decisions, it was explained that the performance reporting and targets within the Corporate Plan drove the agenda of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees.  Comments from Committee Members were carried forward and informed the work programmes of future meetings.


The Assistant Director of Finance informed the Committee that there had been no formal lease in place with the University and they were able to modify their business plans in respect of occupancy of the site.  The potential income from the use of the space by the University had not been built into base budgets due to the high level of uncertainty surrounding the potential usage.   




The Committee noted the contents of the 2021/22 mid-year performance.





Supported amending the Corporate Plan Actions and Key Performance Indicators that fell within the scope of the Committee, in line with the outcomes of the review.


That the options related to the cinema site are added to the work programme and a report is brought to a future committee meeting.



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