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Progress of Corporate Plan - Performance against KPI's


The Performance Lead presented the report that outlined the quarterly update and the ambition to review the corporate plan actions and indicators. It was highlighted that the performance actions had been positive and appropriate mitigation plans had been put in place to ensure that other targets would be met by the end of the year.


The Performance Lead emphasised that one action had been rated as red, meaning this target could not be met by the end of the year. The action covered the supply of high quality, sustainable council houses and that no completions had been undertaken due to the target being too ambitious and the redirection of budget.


One Member sought clarification over actions relating to healthy and strong communities.


The Performance Lead confirmed that when the initial set of indicators and actions had been put together, the actions in question were delivered by different directorates, on review they had been split out for clarity. The Assistant Chief Executive also explained the 2 parts to the action. The first part related to the voluntary sector and community funding and the second part related to culture funding.


The Chairman raised a query regarding the replacement of solid fuel heating.


The Director for Housing and Property confirmed that the replacement would be for the benefit of tenants. He highlighted that surveys were progressing on properties in rural areas and to assess which replacement heating system would work best for them. It was confirmed that planned work would include a ‘complete package’, this included electric storage heaters, solar panels to assist with running costs and the installation of new doors and windows if required.


One Member raised concern of what work would be undertaken in the interim over the winter months whilst the replacement of heating systems took place. It was also queried if a record was held of properties that don’t have new heating installed.


The Director for Housing and Property confirmed that information held on the housing stock showed areas of weakness. It was highlighted that the stock condition survey was currently being rolled out which would assist in validating the information held by the Council. He emphasised that the Council was aware of its responsiveness with regard to heating failures, where better contract management was required.


The Cabinet Member for Housing and Property noted an issue raised by a Member in regard to heating systems, which were being addressed by the Green Homes Grant. He stated that a programme was available in each Members’ ward of houses being addressed under the scheme.


The Cabinet Member for Housing & Property provided the Committee with an update on heating systems on Riverside. It was noted that issues had been readdressed with heating and hot water and the ongoing programme. The grounds maintenance contract and the number of cuts had also been readdressed. The Cabinet Member for Housing and Property confirmed that the team were still working on this project.


One Member raised concern over the time limits and that numerical specific targets were not being reached. It was suggested that graded targets may be a better option where targets can be reviewed quarterly throughout the year rather than twice a year to enable accuracy.


The Performance Lead confirmed that when the targets were set in 2020, the circumstances around the organisation were different. There had been longer-term ambitions this year. He stated that targets this year were more specific and focussed on the Council monitoring it’s services. The Performance Lead stated that quarterly reporting was currently carried out and all information was collected and brought before a performance management meeting where issues were challenged.




1.     For the Committee to receive more frequent updates and to review the statistics outside of Committee meetings, when appropriate.


2.     For the Performance Lead to provide clarity on CCTV statistics relating to direct arrests and information leading to an arrest.




1.    To note the contents of the 2021/22 mid-year performance report.


2.    That the Committee supports the amended Corporate Plan Actions and Key Performance Indicators in line with the outcomes of the review.

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