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Update on Green Flag Status at Council Parks

This report provides an update regarding performance against the Green Flag ambitions found in the Councils current Corporate Plan and identifies opportunity to provide guidance to Town / Parish Councils who may have similar ambitions.



The Cabinet Member for Housing and Property presented the report that outlined considerations and requirements to attain Green Flag Status for additional parks in the district. Advice and guidance had been offered to ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’ towards developing details of the future Green Flag application process for Jubilee Park in Deeping St James.


It was noted that Jubilee Park may require park improvements to be eligible for Green Flag Status, which would be carefully assessed and budgeted for.


It was reported that the Council offer guidance and support to Parish and Town Council’s if they wish to pursue Green Flag Status for any public park, however, the Council do not have the resources to directly lead this process.


The Cabinet Member for Housing and Property confirmed that the Council would be happy to assist and support Jubilee Park and transfer the land if they wish to apply for Green Flag Status.


Further ambition for Green Flag Status at Dysart Park in Grantham was highlighted, moreover, this was subject to funding which were not statutory requirements and cautionary budgets had been set around Green Flag Status and public park expenditure.


One Member raised concern over the communication from the Council to ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’. It was reported that no communication had been pursued from the Council to ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’. Further concerns were raised on the lack of communication to the Parish Council and Ward/Parish councillors on this matter, furthermore no contact had been made to the Member who requested the item on the agenda for the community’s aspirations.


It was noted that ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’ were supportive of the aspiration for a Green Flag Status for Jubilee Park. On the other hand, they deemed the plan impractical, due to the report stating that ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’ were responsible for a management and maintenance plan. It was highlighted that the Council maintain and manage Jubilee Park and ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’ exists for the betterment of the park and its community.


A working partnership was suggested between the Council and ‘Friends of Jubilee Park, however, ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’ could not be responsible for the maintenance and the management of the park. It was noted that budget expenses should not be incorporated, due to the Council, Parish Council and ‘Friends of Jubilee Park meeting expectations.


The Head of Corporate Operations confirmed that the report laid out the requirements of proceeding towards Green Flag Status at Jubilee Park. No communication had been sought at this stage due to the decision not currently being made by the Council on whether Green Flag Status was appropriate for Jubilee Park.


It was highlighted that financial commitment and resources would be required to support Jubilee Park.


Another Member expressed his disappointment over the amount of time it had taken the Council to achieve Green Flag Status at one park, however there were now two parks with Green Flag Status in Grantham with the Council aspiring to achieve another in Grantham. It was highlighted that aspirations around Green Flag Status should be spread across parks in the whole District.


A query was raised on which Parish Councils the Council were meaningly communicating with regarding Green Flag Status.


It was clarified that Jubilee Park was owned by South Kesteven District Council.


It was noted that a park in Stamford had been in the process of applying for Green Flag Status for 2 years.


 It was suggested that the Council communicated with Nottingham City Council on their work surrounding their achievement of 68 Green Flag Status parks.


One Member reported that the Corporate Plan states ‘maintaining and enhancing our green areas across the district aiming to secure Green Flag Status for two parks in Grantham and other relevant areas’. It was also highlighted that the community had identified Jubilee Park of significance to their well-being and believe it should be considered for Green Flag Status.


A concern was raised over the prohibitive costs surrounding Green Flag Status stated in the report.


It was noted that prohibitive costs included the assessment of pathways and ensuring accessibility for everyone.


One Member queried the report and what works, and costs would need to be undertaken for Jubilee Park to pass and achieve Green Flag Status.


It was clarified that section 1.7 in the report were requirements for a park to meet a Green Flag Status to which would be a cost to the Council.


One Member requested an indicative figure of the overall cost for a park to apply for Green Flag Status so that options around budgeting and monies could be explored.


It was proposed, seconded and AGREED:


1.    For the Council to offer guidance to Parish and Town Councils as outlined in the report for potential ambition to attain Green Flag standard against eligible sites under their control.

2.    That the Council provides guidance to support a Green Flag application for Jubilee Park, Deeping St James.











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