Agenda item



The Chairman of the Council commenced the meeting by reporting that former Councillor Vic Kerr had recently passed away. He had represented the Loveden Ward on the Council between 5 May 1993 and 11 May 2015 and had served on a number of Committees during that time, including the Constitution Committee, Planning Committee, Standards Committee and the Licensing Committee. Members of the Council observed a minute’s silence in his memory. Councillor Ian Selby paid a personal tribute to former Councillor Kerr and the Leader of the Council also reflected on his service to the Council.


The Chairman of the Council invited the Leader of the Council to make a statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine. The Leader referred to a joint statement from all Council Leaders in Lincolnshire, which outlined that plans were in place to welcome any Ukraine refugees who sought safety in the county and were working together to ensure they could support the welfare of families and individuals suffering because of the Russian invasion. The Leader reported that further meetings of Council Leaders and Chief Executives in Lincolnshire had been held and would continue to do so, with all Authorities in the county working closely with the Home Office and other relevant Government Departments or organisations to ensure that appropriate support was in place across Lincolnshire.


The Chairman took this opportunity to congratulate Councillors Ben Green and Richard Dixon-Warren following their successful election to the Council on 24 February 2022 and welcomed them to the Authority. It was noted that Councillor Richard Dixon-Warren had been unable to attend the meeting due to a prior commitment, but Councillor Green was welcomed to his first meeting.


The Chairman invited Councillor Ian Stokes to make a statement.


Councillor Ian Stokes apologised for wording he had used at a meeting of the Governance and Audit Committee on 20 October 2021 stating that it was unacceptable and had been used by accident. He expressed that he was truly and deeply sorry for any offence caused to anyone in attendance at the meeting or in the district.


The Chairman invited the Leader to make a statement.


The Leader paid tribute to Mr Ken Lyon, Assistant Chief Executive, who was attending his last meeting of Full Council prior to leaving the Authority. The Leader praised Mr Lyon for his contribution to the Council, particularly highlighting the significant role he had played in the Council’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the way in which he had spearheaded community spirit, acting as an ambassador for the district. On behalf of the Council, the Leader awarded Mr Lyon with South Kesteven District Council’s shield in recognition of his service. Mr Lyon placed on record his thanks to all Members of the Council.


The Chairman proposed a procedural motion to amend the running order of the agenda so that agenda item 7, Members’ Open Questions, was moved to the last item on the agenda in order that all business could be considered first.


The proposal was seconded.


Upon being put to the vote the proposal was AGREED.