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Climate Change Update

This report aims to provide a short update on workstreams impacting on South Kesteven District Council’s climate change and carbon reduction ambitions.


The Sustainability and Climate Change Officer presented a report that provided the Committee with a brief update of items that had progressed since the last meeting.


The Council had been working on a joint campaign in Lincolnshire around awareness of climate change which would be targeted towards residents and businesses within the district. A further update on the outcome of the campaign would be brought to a future meeting.


It was highlighted that the Council were undertaking a review of the Council’s fleet of vehicles as part of the carbon reduction action plan. The current fleet of vehicles were responsible for 25% of the Council’s overall carbon footprint.


The Council were also making progress on upgrades of lighting within the Guildhall Arts Centre to energy efficient LEDs, which are 60% more efficient that incandescent bulbs.


The report included updates around the Council’s work around tree planting. All applicants for the ‘Emergency Tree Funding’ had been informed of deferral of the fund until June. Lincolnshire County Council confirmed that their consortium application for ‘Trees Call to Action Fund’ had been unsuccessful.


The carbon footprint reporting for the 2021-22 financial year should be available for publishing in autumn 2022.  


One Member queried as to whether the Council were open to applications from other funding opportunities.


It was confirmed that work was being explored regarding the ‘Urban Tree Challenge Fund’ and other funding opportunities for additional tree planting.


Members expressed their disappointment over the funding being unsuccessful.


The Sustainability and Climate Change Officer highlighted that the ‘Trees Call to Action Fund’ was a capacity building source of grant funding. The Council had submitted areas for the Treescapes funding to Lincolnshire County Council.


The Chairman suggested that Lincolnshire County Councillors could communicate with Lincolnshire County Council to encourage applications to fund tree planting.


A query was raised in relation to the ongoing programme of replacing streetlights with LEDs within the district and how many had been done at present time and whether a financial benefit had been seen.


A further query was raised on whether the ‘Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme, Phase 2 (LAD2)’ had been completed or was still undergoing.


The Sustainability and Climate Change Officer confirmed that the ongoing programme of streetlight replacements had begun at the end of 2021.




For the Sustainability and Climate Change Officer to liaise with the relevant colleagues and provide the Committee an update via email on the current number of completions of replacing streetlights with LEDs.


It was confirmed that the ‘Green Homes Grant’ funding had received a deadline extension for completion due to supply chain issues with availability of contractors and equipment. The programme was continuing, and the Council were utilising as much of the funding as possible.


A query was also raised in relation to the communal areas in some Council properties regarding the Council’s operational carbon footprint.


It was highlighted that these properties were included in the Council’s carbon footprint and were part of the Council’s carbon action plan. There had been several works undergoing around the district in communal areas: For example, Manor Court in Bourne had received an upgraded heating system.


The Cabinet Member for Waste and Climate Change noted that the Council had submitted an ambitious bid to the Woodland Trust which was funding for a Tree Officer Strategy post for 18 months. The Council had been informed that without an agreed tree strategy, receiving funding for projects would be less likely.


It was noted that the grant funding allocated to South Kesteven District Council under the Sustainable Warmth Competition was around £1.2m and the average cost per property of upgrades ranged between £5,000 to a maximum of £25,000 for some properties.


Other Council’s had implemented pilot schemes relating to contracting waste to a company, electrified fleets and hydrogen powered freighters.




Notes the updates regarding climate change and carbon emissions reduction across areas of South Kesteven District Council. 











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