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Mid-year performance indicators

This Mid-Year update report outlines South Kesteven District Councils performance against the Corporate Plan Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the year of 2022/23.



The Head of Corporate Projects, Policy and Performance presented the report that outlined the mid-year KPIs for the Committee, relevant from information gathered at the end of September 2022.


It was confirmed that 3 actions were rated green, and 3 actions were rated amber.


One Member noted that the fourth KPI was predicated on a public satisfaction survey, it was queried as to how many people were involved in the survey to provide an overall satisfaction.


One Member sought clarification around the fifth KPI. The KPI target was to be confirmed, however, was rated amber.


ACTION: For the Deputy Chief Executive to provide the number of responses of the public satisfaction survey to the Committee, in relation to Green Flag Status of parks within the District.


The Head of Corporate Projects, Policy and Performance confirmed that as the KPI target was under review, the action would be changed to grey colouring.


The KPI relating to Green Flag Status was mentioned as the two parks outlined in the report had already achieved Green Flag Status. It was suggested that the action be re-worded.


It was clarified that new KPI actions could be reviewed as part of the refresh of the Corporate Plan. All KPI potential measures had previously been agreed by each Committee as part of the Corporate Plan 2020-23 document.


The Deputy Chief Executive clarified that the timescale for the refresh of the Corporate Plan. Work would commence in the new civic year, taking into consideration emerging priorities.


One Member raised a query on what further steps and improvements could be made in relation to the sixth KPI. The effectiveness of the promotion of ‘Right Thing, Right Bin’ was questioned and whether other methods of promotion were being explored for the future.


The Deputy Chief Executive informed the Committee that the ‘Right Thing, Right Bin’ campaign had been consistent across the County. Other Council’s had introduced a ‘card and paper’ scheme which may be implemented by South Kesteven in Autumn 2023, which would provide an education campaign and engaging with people.


One member expressed concern that contamination of recycling was a big problem. Further education to residents may not be successful and whether other means of campaigning could be explored.


The Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change highlighted that Districts who had implemented the paper and card collection had seen an increase of their recycling rates by 7-9%.


It was noted that the implementation of the paper and card collection would mean residents would be provided with another bin. Concern had previously been raised around ground space for another bin. Other Districts had put mitigations in place in terms of overcoming barriers faced by people living in flats/terraced houses.


It was confirmed that the Council would communicate with neighbouring Districts who had rolled out paper and card collection and the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership before implementation.


The Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change informed the Committee that the Council have a sanction on the ability to fine residents who continuously contaminate their bins, however, the Council attempt to engage and educate these residents at first instance.


A query was raised on whether the Council were monitoring how effective the education process was with residents who were contaminating bins.


The Deputy Chief Executive highlighted that the percentage for recycling had not increased, which suggested that further education or other means of engagement should be explored.


One Member queried the likely timescale that the paper and card scheme would be implemented.


It was questioned as to whether the Council had explored putting stickers onto bins to educate residents and by passers. The effectiveness of this approach was discussed.


It was suggested that the effects on recycling rates and collection rates of food waste be added to the Work Programme for future discussion.


Further clarification was sought on whether the Council utilised the sanction to fine residents who contaminate their bins and whether it was successful.


The Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change clarified that other Councils had agreed to implement paper and card bins via Full Council meeting. It was confirmed that South Kesteven would take a similar approach due to an impact on the whole District. If authorised by Full Council, the implementation plan would then be completed, and a target date would be set.


Members expressed their disappointment that no target date had been set for the implementation of paper and card bins. It was suggested that prior to a decision being made by Full Council, that the Committee scrutinise and provide a recommendation to Full Council on the paper and card scheme.


A query was raised regarding the refuse vehicles and whether the paper and card bin would be collected at the same time as general waste or recycling. It was confirmed that the proposed 4-week cycle following the implementation of a paper and card bin would be: black bin, grey bin, black bin, grey bin, black bin with purple lid (paper and card). It was confirmed that other Districts who had rolled out a paper and card scheme had been transporting their waste to a depot in Kings Lynn where it would be recycled into newsprint.


The Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change notified the Committee that a draft outline of a timescale would be brought to the first possible meeting of Full Council after May. The suggestion to bring the item to Committee for scrutiny was welcomed. An estimated timescale of implementation was Spring 2024.


Clarification was sought as to whether any information had been retrieved from other areas regarding the collection cycle and whether other bins were overflowing due to not being collected as frequently.


The Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change confirmed that communication would take place with other Council Officer’s on issues experienced in the process of implementing paper and card roll out.


ACTION: For the Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change to bring back a report on issues experienced by other Council’s in implementing the card and paper bins and how these were overcome.


That the Committee:


1.    Note the contents of the 2022/23 Mid-Year performance reports.

2.    Members to consider if any concerns highlighted by the report require additional investigation to be added to the Work Programme.

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