Agenda and minutes

Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Wednesday, 13th June, 2018 10.00 am

Venue: The Baxter Room, Wake House, 41 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE

Contact: Anita Eckersley 

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Comments from members of the public

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    The Chairman of the Committee referred to some questions that had been submitted by a member of the public who was in attendance at the meeting.  He explained how this part of the meeting was for members of the public to comment and noted that the list of questions was more than just comments.  He appreciated that the member of the public wished to have answers to his questions and suggested that it might be more appropriate if they met outside the meeting to go through the responses.


    The member of the public commented that he had found out about the meeting being at Bourne by accident and queried why it had not been more extensively publicised.


    The Chairman commented that the venue had been changed at short notice prior to publication of the agenda but the agenda would have been available to the public and in the public domain. 


    One main area of concern for the member of the public was public representations and how these were incorporated into the Local Plan. In particular he felt confused about an answer given to him by the Cabinet Member about what would happen upon receipt of public representation and what Government guidance suggested. He queried why the Cabinet Member had indicated that the feedback and public comments would go straight to the Secretary of State because the opportunity to make changes to the plan had passed, but Government guidance for the local plans suggested there was an opportunity to further change the plan following the Consultation.


    It was noted that this question would need to be investigated further.  Reassurance was given that feedback from the public consultation would accompany the Local Plan when it was sent to the Secretary of State.


    The member of public also queried who would replace the officer dealing with Neighbourhood plans as Parish Councils in particular required and welcomed the previous officer’s knowledgeable support.


    The Chairman asked the member of public when he would be available to meet and it was agreed to meet at 7.00pm on Thursday 14 June 2018.



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    The Committee to be notified of any substitute members.


    The Committee was informed that Councillor Judy Smith would be substituting for Councillor Graham Jeal for this meeting only.



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    An apology for absence had been received from Councillor Graham Jeal.


    Councillor Peter Stephen’s apology for absence had been received at the Council Offices just prior to the start of the meeting but had not been received in time for the start of the meeting.


Declaration of interests

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    Members are asked to disclose any interests in matters for consideration at the meeting.


    No interests were declared for this meeting.


Action notes from the Meeting held on Wednesday 14 February 2018 pdf icon PDF 209 KB

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    A Member queried whether the line on page 6 of the action notes regarding Local Priority Reserves, should have read, “Members noted the proposed reduction of Reserve by £750K to £698K and not £6980 as written in the notes”. The amendment was acknowledged.


    Taking into consideration the above amendment, the action notes from the meeting of this Committee held on 14 February 2018 were noted.


Updates from the previous meeting

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    In response to the query from the Market and West Deeping Ward Member about whether there was an update on the Saturday Market in the Deepings, it was noted that the Strategic Director for Growth would respond outside the meeting.


    In respect of the Ward Member’s query about the leisure centre, it was noted there was no update as such at present. Feasibility exercises were being undertaken in respect of certain options. It was suggested that the end of September might be an approximate time when further news was available following the work being undertaken.


    The Chairman referred to the investSK Call-In Scrutiny meeting and noted that following vigorous scrutiny of the Cabinet decision the outcome, had been that the Committee supported the Cabinet Decision. The Committee had recommended that InvestSK’s Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Understanding be presented to the Growth Overview and Scrutiny Meeting on 25 July 2018.


    The Chairman emphasised that it was the role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to ensure that these decisions were scrutinised in order to support and ensure the Cabinet were able to carry out their ambitions to encourage growth and investment in the District whilst maintaining the delivery of Council services.


    It was explained to the Growth OSC that InvestSK would be incorporated with the documents set out in report iSK002, Para 3.4, with a set of model Articles of Association that were used by most companies when they are established.  The Growth OSC differentiated investSK’s Articles of Associations from these model Articles of Association.


    Growth OSC agreed that the Articles of Association that were to be used to incorporate InvestSK would be changed/supplemented in consultation with the Growth OSC and the Council’s Advisory Board, and would then be submitted to Companies House as a new set of Articles of Association.


    The Chairman confirmed that he had attended the Cabinet meeting that took place the day after the Call-in Scrutiny Committee to reiterate the Committee’s views and recommendations.


    Action Point:


    The Strategic Director of Growth to update the Ward Member from Market and West Deeping on the Deepings Saturday market.


Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring pdf icon PDF 151 KB

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    Report PPM007 of The Deputy Leader, Councillor Kelham Cooke, regarding Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring



    The Chairman explained that this item was in fact the Performance Monitoring Report that had gone before the last Cabinet. It was not the Financial Outturn report.  It was noted that the previous Scrutiny Committee had received these performance reports and that Members might wish to consider whether elements of the report should go to Growth OSC.  The Financial Outturn Report was going before the Governance and Audit Committee on 21 June 2018 and Members requested a copy of the report. 


    Members discussed the financial outturn and the Quarter 3 proposed forecasted overspend of £638k; that the new overspend forecast for the financial year end would be less mainly due to underspends in some areas and why the Performance Monitoring Report went to Cabinet prior to Overview and Scrutiny.


    In respect of the Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring Report areas discussed were:


    The quality of skills available and attained by apprentices working for SKDC –There were a range of attainment levels and work was ongoing to develop the range of qualifications available.


    The number of apprentices within the Council and whether these were apprentices or trainees – It was noted that during the last 12 months there had been 14 apprentices, 2 now had full time permanent roles within the Council but the remainder had left for positions outside the Council.  The skills agenda was being reviewed with consideration being given to higher skilled apprenticeships in order to help the Council grow and set the bench mark in the District for quality apprenticeships.  There were trainees within the Council mainly in the accounting and legal areas.


    In respect of manual apprenticeships there were certain standards/regulations required to enable employment in manual areas such as electrical, plumbing and gas engineer roles. Work was ongoing with HR in respect of looking at the potential to increase the number of apprenticeships in various areas of the Council, from waste management to accounting.  The aim was to provide a high standard and lead by example within the District and ensure that young people were provided with the best opportunities to attain the highest standard of qualifications in order for them to attain full time employment. Work was also being undertaken to look at apprentices with degrees.


    Whether the Council stipulated that apprentices should be included within the workforce of potential contractors such as the contractors for the St Peter’s Hill development – It was noted that contracts did stipulate that apprentices and local people should be included in workforces. 


    The lack of detail behind the KPIs within the report and the importance of KPIs being able to help identify why and what was happening within the Council and  whether the Growth OSC should be monitoring KPIs for growth and investment within the District – It was noted that the report was based on the previous Corporate Strategy.  A New Corporate Strategy was now in place and would have more appropriate KPIs.


    The Chairman commented that Growth OSC would be scrutinising and commenting on a number  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Consideration of the Potential Work Programme for the Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 81 KB

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    To consider the potential work programme for the Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee for 2018-19



    The Chairman referred to the Committee’s Work Programme and the following issues were discussed:


    Local Plan: 

    The Local Plan was on track. Discussion took place on how consultation was being undertaken with residents and Grantham Councillors as there was no town Council, public forum or Neighbourhood Plan for the town. 

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Spitalgate Heath:

    Work was ongoing with Buckminster.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Starter Homes:

    The Committee was informed that this had been a Government scheme that had now been superseded.

    (Remove from the Work Programme)


    Economic Development:

    InvestSK was overseeing this area.

     (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)




    (Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association to be presented to Growth OSC 25 July 2018)


    Local Housing Market:

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    St Peter’s Hill:

    The Cinema Project – This was on target with an anticipated handover date of the beginning of December 2018.  The Budget was in line though there were savings in some areas and potential overspends in a couple of other areas.  Regular fortnightly meetings were being held with the contractor.


    Redevelopment of Office Space – this was an area previously identified to be brought to the Growth OSC on 25 July 2018.

    (Update to be presented to the Growth OSC 25 July 2018)


    Grantham Southern Relief Road:

    The relief road was progressing and being led by Lincolnshire County Council.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Business Rates:

    Discussion took place on initiatives to relieve the pressures on the high streets in the towns; changes in purchasing habits and more email shopping;  shops and offices being converted to residential use and whether there was an update from the Government in respect of business rates.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    River Witham Corridor:

    The funding application had been submitted.  This was a joint application with North Kesteven District Council.  Anglian Water Authority was a major partner in the process.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Housing Needs:

    At a previous meeting Members had requested that consideration be given to a workshop in respect of the impact of the Local Plan on Housing Needs Assessment.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Housing Strategy:

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Grantham Master Plan:

    Now known as the Implementation Plan.  Work was being undertaken in respect of rationalising, assessing and the undertaking of the order of implementation.

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR):


    (To go to the Growth OSC meeting on 25 July 2018)


    Asset Disposal:

    (To remain on the Work Programme – Ongoing)


    Waste Recycling:

    This was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Potential Items for Workshops

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    ·       Car Parking Workshop – Car Parking Tariffs and Charging Structures


    Reference was made to a potential workshop on Car Parking Tariffs and Charging Structures.


    Discussion took place around car parking issues; the different charging structures currently available in Bourne, Grantham, Market Deeping and Stamford; legal technicalities and timelines relating to charging structures for Welham Street Car Park and the Cinema Project; Leisure tariffs; the issues around parking charges in respect of the M&S Car park in Bourne, whether there had been any notification of charges being implemented and the impact this could have on other businesses within Bourne.


    Action Point:


    The Strategic Director for Growth would investigate the position in respect of the M&S Car Park.




    That a workshop on car parking tariffs and charging structures was not undertaken at the moment but would be considered again at a later date.


Close of Meeting

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    The meeting closed at 12.05pm.