Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Cabinet is a group of Councillors who take most of the decisions about what the Council does.


The Cabinet was created in October 2001 as a result of the Local Government Act 2000.


It is made up of eight Councillors from the majority political group – currently Conservative – plus the Leader of the Council who is the Chairman of the Cabinet. Each Cabinet member (including the Leader) has their own remit.


What does the Cabinet do?


The Cabinet:


  • Recommends the budget and key policy proposals to Full Council for agreement
  • Decides some policies and is responsible for implementing major plans and strategies
  • Publishes a monthly Forward Plan listing key decisions
  • Takes most of the key decisions within the budget and policy framework agreed by Full Council


Is the Cabinet open to the public?


All Cabinet decisions are taken in public apart from exceptions for things like personnel matters, or issues that might include commercially sensitive information or confidential legal advice. You are welcome to attend meetings of the Cabinet.



Contact information

Support officer: Jo Toomey.

Phone: 01476 40 61 52