Agenda and minutes

Cabinet - Monday, 10th January, 2005 10.30 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Council Offices, St Peters Hill, Grantham

Contact: Lena Shuttlewood tel: 01476 406119  e-mail:

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    An apology for absence was received from Councillor Carpenter.


Future Funding of the Street Warden Service pdf icon PDF 78 KB

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    Report number DCS12 by the Director of Community Services.


    Additional documents:




    (1)    To approve the permanent employment of one Street Warden post based in the Earlesfield area;

    (2)    To defer appointment to the second Street Warden post pending further information on the funding aspect;

    (3)    Subject to (2) above, consideration be given to locating a Street Warden in the Harrowby ward area of Grantham.


    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:




    (1)     Report number DCS11 by the Director of Community Services outlining the background to the Street Warden Programme.  A successful bid was submitted by the Council to the Home Office in October 2001 for two street wardens to be employed in the Earlesfield area;

    (2)     Presentation given at the meeting by PC Cummins and PCSO McBride on the success of the Street Warden scheme which had been recognised at national level and  the positive impact that it had had on the quality of life for residents of the Earlesfield estate.  PC Cummins also spoke on the Police’s “Community Engagement” initiative of which the Street Warden was an integral part and the achievements of the Earlesfield Team over the last 18 months in tackling anti social behaviour, crime, drug related issues, graffiti, and the promotion of community participation to improve the quality of life for residents;

    (3)     Details, appended to the report and described by PC Cummins, of the multi agency team work approach to support the street wardens and the range of projects instigated by the team.  Whilst performance data in relation to reduced crime and anti-social behaviour should be available by the end of March 2005, the Home Office representative and the Divisional Commander of Police (South Division) have high regard for the work of the team and the improvements achieved in the Earlesfield area;

    (4)     Details of total costs of the Street Warden service for 2004/05 and 2005/06 based on either one or two full time posts (a separate exempt information appendix to the report detailed staff costs associated with ceasing the service);

    (5)     Options for alternative sources of funding to minimise the additional costs that will fall on the Council as a result of continuing the service;

    (6)     Support for continuation of the service from the Corporate Manager Democratic & Legal Services and the Director of Regulatory Services and the suggestion that, if continued, one of the two posts be allocated to the Harrowby area and potentially other local “hot spots”;

    (7)     Representation from a local ward member on the positive impact of the work of the Street Warden ;

    (8)     Information provided by PCSO McBride at the meeting about the funding for the existing PCSOs taken on in 2002 who were now on a permanent contract.  Future PCSOs that come on stream from this year onwards will initially be on a 2 year fixed term contract and then renewed.  On the basis that the current Government remained in office, there were plans to increase the number of PCSOs to 25,000 by 2008.  The Cabinet and Chief Executive indicated that they were unaware of this information which would need to be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 89.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 51 KB

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    To approve the record of the Cabinet meeting held on 6th December 2004.



    Subject to the following amendment, the minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 6th December 2004 were confirmed as a correct record:


    Minute CO85 2(A)(III): the word car to be amended to care; and

    (IV) May.


Declarations of Interest

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    There were no declarations of interest made.


Street Scene Action Plan pdf icon PDF 20 KB

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    Report number WCS5 by the Head of Waste and Contract Services



    DECISION: To approve the Street Scene Action Plan as presented consisting of the core elements: Street Cleaning; Litter enforcement; Graffiti; Fly Posting; Fly Tipping.


    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:


    (1)     Report number WCS5 by the Head of Waste and Contract Services setting out the definition of what the Council meant by the term “Street scene” and the action to be taken under each element of the Action Plan;

    (2)     Under the Council’s prioritisation process Street Scene was identified as a Priority A;

    (3)     To confirm that street furniture would remain within the Environment portfolio as issues of this nature could be addressed on an “as and when” basis.


Extension of Litter Fines pdf icon PDF 15 KB

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    Report number WCS3 by the Head of Waste and Contract Services



    DECISION:  To approve


    (1)     the issuing of litter fines throughout the whole district of South Kesteven;

    (2)     the issuing of litter fines for the dropping of litter from motor vehicles.


    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:


    (1)     Report number WCS3 by the Head of Waste and Contract Services seeking approval for the extension of the areas where litter fines can be issued within South Kesteven.  On 24th February 2003, a Cabinet decision was taken to implement a trial scheme of issuing litter fines for dropping litter on the High Street and St. Peter’s Hill areas of Grantham;

    (2)     The Council has powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to issue fines for depositing litter in a public open space, including that deposited out of a vehicle;

    (3)     The imposing of fines for the dropping of litter sends a clear message that the Council takes litter and the environment seriously.  It will act as a deterrent to those who drop litter and will impact on the cleanliness of South Kesteven.


Annual Stakeholder Conference: 9th December 2004 pdf icon PDF 81 KB

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    Report number CEX265 by the Chief Executive.



    DECISION: That the outcome of the Annual Stakeholder Conference be taken into account in the Council’s Change Management Action Plan.


    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:


    (1)     Report number CEX265 by the Chief Executive outlining the background to the purpose of the stakeholder conference and its timing so that any outcome could be used to inform the development of the new Community Strategy and to feed into the Council’s budget making process;

    (2)     The conference was well attended and favourable feedback was received from delegates to pursue this type of event on an annual basis.


Local Strategic Partnership Consultation of Future Priorities pdf icon PDF 50 KB

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    Report number DCS13 by the Director of Community Services.


    Additional documents:


    DECISION: To defer completion of the South Kesteven LSP priorities until the next meeting in order to allow opportunity for the Cabinet further to consider the issues raised.



    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:


    (1)     Report number DCS13 by the Director of Community Services explaining that the current Community Strategy expires on 31st March 2005.  Advice at County and Regional level point to the need for Community Strategies to be evidence based, compiled following consultation, and led by LSPs.  In order to comply with this guidance, the Chairman of the LSP has started an extensive programme of consultation by circulating a questionnaire containing sixteen suggested priorities and an opportunity for respondents to add their own suggestions.  Respondents are asked to identify their top five priorities;

    (2)     In considering these priorities, the Cabinet was asked bear in mind the context of a multi agency approach where the LSP has an opportunity to develop joint approaches to a diverse range of issues facing local people in South Kesteven;

    (3)     Advice from the Chief Executive on the selection that the CMT had made;

    (4)     The Cabinet was concerned that an impression could be given that the Council was re-visiting its own prioritisation process.  There was a need for a degree of separation between the two sets of priorities.


Performance Management - New Local Indicators/Measures 2005/06 pdf icon PDF 57 KB

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    Report number DOS266 by the Director of Operational Services.


    Additional documents:


    (1)    Subject to the following amendments, broadly to agree the proposed performance indicators/measures for each priority area as attached to report DOS266;


    ·        No. of Anti Social Behaviour Orders issued in a year: add number of warning letters issued in a year.

    ·        Recycling/Composting: amalgamate the two PIs.

    ·        No. of fixed penalty fines issued: targets for 2005/06, 2006/07 and 2007/08 to be set at 60, 70, and 70 respectively.

    ·        No. of hits on SKDC website: definition of “hits” to be provided.

    ·        No. of VAT registered businesses in district: update “£4,150” figure to £4,400 for 2005/06 and increment target up to £4,450.

    ·        No. of commercial properties on NDR list:  delete



    (2)    Local PIs amended to take account of: updated information; earlier decision regarding litter fixed penalties; to have some measure of people using services on line; PIs deleted if they were not providing useful information.

    (3)    To request the Development and Scrutiny Panels review the suggested indicators/measures and targets for their relevant area;

    (4)    To invite the Local Strategic Partnership to comment on the indicators;

    (5)    To refer the proposed indicators for consultation at the forthcoming round of Local Area Assembly meetings.


    Considerations/Reasons for Decision:


    (1)     Report DOS266 by the Director of Operations explaining that new local indicators were required for future years as part of the Council’s on-going development of its performance management arrangements;

    (2)     Not all the national indicators that councils are required to monitor and report their performance against are useful measures to help South Kesteven monitor its progress against its recently agreed priorities.  The existing set of national best value performance indicators do not provide the full coverage required for SKDC to effectively monitor progress against its priorities;

    (3)     The proposed indicators/measures will form the core of the Council’s monthly performance monitoring and reporting for 2005/06.


Items raised by Cabinet Members including reports on Key and Non Key Decisions taken under Delegated Powers.

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    (1)  Councillor Ray Auger: Portfolio - Environment


    Reference Minute CO81: Car Parking Non Charging Policy


    Having considered the issues raised under minute CO81 at the meeting held on 6th December 2004, Councillor Auger’s decision is:


    (1)  to declare Godsey Lane, Market Deeping and West Road, Billingborough surplus to requirements as Council operated car parks and proceed to market these sites for disposal, subject to restrictive covenants to retain as car parks;


    (2)  to retain the car park site at Halfleet.



    Reason for Decision:


    In addressing the comments from the Environment DSP, I am satisfied that these have been addressed by advice given by Legal Services that the use as car parks can be retained by the use of restrictive covenants.


    Non Key Decision:


    Decision: To approve the appointment of Capita Symonds Ltd., Consulting Engineers of Leeds as consultants to carry out detailed investigations, contract procurement and full site supervision in connection with improvement works required at Wharf Road car park, Stamford for the sum of £52,562.


    [Decision made 10.01.05]


    (2)  Councillor Terl Bryant: Portfolio – Community Affairs


    Decision:   To accept the lowest quotation submitted by Scott Wilson Consulting Engineers in the sum of £14,300 for the investigation and design of canal bank repair works to the section of Grantham canal owned by the District Council.


    [Decision made 04.01.05]


    (3)  Councillor John Smith: Portfolio - Economic


    Decision: To approve the proposed amendments to the existing boundary of the Market Deeping Conservation Area and to approve the Conservation Area Appraisal as a position statement with a view to its ultimate adoption as a supplementary planning document.


    [Decision made 10.01.05]


    Decision: To continue the District Council’s participation in the project to purchase and refurbish Thurlby Youth Hostel with Lincolnshire County Council on the basis of a maximum contribution of £125,000 (inclusive of all project design and management costs incurred by SKDC) and subject to the following conditions:


                a)         SKDC contribution to be in the form of a single grant payable to Lincolnshire County Council on completion of the purchase from YHA and subject to conclusion of the purchase by 31 March 2005;

                b)         SKDC to have no ongoing joint ownership and, therefore, no ongoing liability or responsibility for the Youth Hostel;

                c)         SKDC Property Services to cease further work on the project and to transfer all responsibility to Lincolnshire County Council for the design, management and procurement of refurbishment works.

    [Decision made 04.01.05]


    The above decision has since be the subject of a call-in.


    (4)  Councillor Mrs Frances Cartwright: Portfolio - Cultural




    (1)                     Subject to a site visit with the Council’s Amenities Manager to ensure the protection of the existing tree stock, to approve the request by the Wyndham Park Bowls Club for an extension of land allocated for their use to accommodate a new meeting room/catering outlet for the club;

    (2)                     To not accede to the Club’s request that the Council waives both planning and legal internal fees associated with transfer of the land/planning consent etc. and also provides financial  ...  view the full minutes text for item 97.